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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Local politicians discuss the future of Miami-Dade at climate town hall

“This is the critical issue of our time--it is truly an existential threat, and we need to address this boldly, and we need to act now,” affirmed Commissioner Cava.

Sewage, dangerous bacteria are entering oceans, closing Miami beaches

“I think it’s important that something is done about all this bacteria being found,” said Emma Rodriguez, a freshman majoring in communications. "The beach is one of my favorite places and something we should ensure is safe for everyone to enjoy.”

Going green: The Rat introduces eco-friendly alternatives

"Changes both big and small need to be made now. Our daily living practices need to be eco-friendly, and we can’t live sustainably if we keep business as usual, eating meat and drinking from single-use plastic at the Rat."

Local youth demand climate justice from government

“Someone once said every storm starts with one drop, and I think today is one of those drops.”

Students can play the Sustainable Development Goals Game to create more...

Koru Consulting Limited is running a workshop in which participants explore how the world can achieve sustainable goals through persuasive gameplay designed to change players’ interests, activities and opinions.

Branching out: Arboretum’s edible plants offer fruit, education

Located on the northwest side of campus, The John C. Gifford Arboretum is where students can study and relax surrounded by lush greenery. If they look closely, they can also find a variety of edible fruits hanging from the branches.

Going green with community ‘Grow Walls’

“Installing the garden isn’t easy work, but it’s totally worth it. Tending the garden is just as relaxing as working in a traditional garden.”

Green Athletics Conference encourages sustainability in sports

"We need to get students involved who are passionate about sustainability. It doesn't just matter in sports but in every aspect of our campus. Change all starts with us."

A field guide to the birds of UM

Consider this list a comprehensive field guide to identifying UM’s feathered friends.

UMAB offers students another fall break option

UM students from different majors and disciplines ventured to the Florida Keys, Clearwater and many others cities across Florida for one goal: service.

Red tide closes beaches in Miami

Beach-goers in Miami-Dade County’s Haulover Park were prohibited from going into the water after tests confirmed the ocean was contaminated.

Coca-Cola grant to make recycling easier for university

In an effort to make recycling easier, 20 new bins – out of 3,250 nationwide – have been distributed within the UM community as part of the 2017 Coca-Cola/Keep America Beautiful Public Space Recycling Bin Grant.