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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

BikeSafe program’s week of bicycling emphasizes greener methods of traveling

In an effort to transform South Florida into an eco-friendly hub that promotes greener transportation methods, the University of Miami BikeSafe program is teaming...

Going green: The Rat introduces eco-friendly alternatives

"Changes both big and small need to be made now. Our daily living practices need to be eco-friendly, and we can’t live sustainably if we keep business as usual, eating meat and drinking from single-use plastic at the Rat."

Q: Why are the ducks on campus?

With decades of expertise in behavioral ecology and animal communication, professor William Searcy discusses wildlife on UM campuses, including the famous Muscovy ducks.

Protesters criticize treatment, sale of endangered pine rockland

https://youtu.be/SFyTmZjISSA Environmentalists and members of the local community continue to protest the University of Miami’s handling and sale of land containing an endangered pine rockland...

Green Athletics Conference encourages sustainability in sports

"We need to get students involved who are passionate about sustainability. It doesn't just matter in sports but in every aspect of our campus. Change all starts with us."

Q&A: Matt Shpiner speaks about ongoing Hurricane Irma recovery process

More than three months after the University of Miami was hit by Hurricane Irma, leading to millions in damages and weeks-long closure, Director of Emergency Management Matthew Shpiner speaks about how the school is still recovering from its impacts.

Going green with community ‘Grow Walls’

“Installing the garden isn’t easy work, but it’s totally worth it. Tending the garden is just as relaxing as working in a traditional garden.”

Protesters criticize treatment, sale of endangered pine rockland

A group of protesters, many dressed in butterfly costumes, gathered at the intersection of Stanford Drive and U.S. 1 Friday afternoon in a rally...

A Hurricane Prepper’s Guide

Don't leave anything until the last minute, especially when there is a Category 5 hurricane close to South Florida. With the threatening storm on...

Where to (safely) view today’s solar eclipse

In case you haven't heard, there's a solar eclipse happening today. An eclipse of this kind – with a path of totality from coast...

A field guide to the birds of UM

Consider this list a comprehensive field guide to identifying UM’s feathered friends.

“Houston, We Got U” established by UM students to aid those...

"That really, really touched me because this was a young man just trying to help," Rodriguez said. "On top of the danger that there...