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Coral Gables
Saturday, August 13, 2022

Fired Coral Gables inspector cites ‘dangerous conditions’ in newly opened Lakeside...

University of Miami students recently moved into Lakeside Village, the new $153 million housing project that has state-of-the-art construction, landscaping, and, according to a lawsuit, code violations that could “result in life-threatening danger to students.”

Construction of Frost Institute 1 month ahead of schedule

Construction for the $60 million project site is expected to be completed in May 2022.

Centennial Village to provide modern on-campus living for future freshmen

The freshmen towers will soon make way for a transformative new era of on-campus housing.

Expansion of arboretum includes road for service vehicles

Plans are being made to expand John C. Gifford Arboretum behind the Knight Physics Building. This comes as a compromise with the City of...

ECO Agency plans to implement LED lighting in new buildings

With glaring statistics pointing to humans as the cause of environmental pollution, the Energy & Conservation Organization (ECO) Agency is ready to do their...

What’s new at the U

The University of Miami started the new year with a new look. That's because UM Facilities was hard at work over winter break, completing numerous improvement projects and renovations while students were away.

$100 million for Frost Institutes will support interdisciplinary STEM, expanded facilities

During his January 2016 inauguration ceremony, University of Miami President Julio Frenk announced a $100 million donation by longtime donors Dr. Phillip and Patricia...

Simulation hospital opens, allows hands-on instruction for nursing students

https://youtu.be/zbXPZHXd0WoThe orange carpet rolled out, and the ribbon was cut.After two years of construction, the School of Nursing and Health Studies’ Simulation Hospital officially...

Lennar Foundation Medical Center opens

The Lennar Foundation Medical Center building – a towering glass structure that will house UHealth at Coral Gables, the Student Health Center and the...

University of Miami aims to build $155-million residential college

Cranes, excavators and a lot of drilling could be coming to the University of Miami if plans for proposed construction of a new $155-million...

Construction on intramural fields elicits mixed reactions

"This is the first time the outdoor fields behind the Wellness Center will be completely renovated,” said executive director of the Herbert Wellness Center, Scott Levin.

Renovations to School of Architecture building cause mixed responses

Quaint or outdated? The renovations of historical Building 48 in the School of Architecture leaves many people ecstatic about its preservation, but others calling for big change.