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Monday, June 27, 2022

Black student leaders present letter to university administration calling for change

Students put together a list of 11 recommendations for the university, including requests to increase the number and retention of Black faculty, staff and students through a strategic hiring plan, to implement diversity and sensitivity training across the university and to allocate more money to infrastructure dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion.

UM alumni open new coffee shop on campus

Founded by two University of Miami alumni and close friends, The Archivist is a newly-opened café nestled next to Richter Library which offers a range of drip coffees, lattes and pastries.

Pike fraternity may jeopardize chance of returning in 2017

Camouflage-clad University of Miami students at a party in Brickell were the subjects of a video posted by an account called Miami Parties on...

‘Overworked, overloaded’ janitorial staff protesting employer ABM

“The university has such little respect for the fact that we are also human beings and that we also have rights and deserve a normal life”

Student leaders share why UM needs more Black faculty

Under President Julio Frenk, the number of Black faculty at the university increased 26 percent from 159 to 200 individuals, making up 5.1 percent of the faculty.

UM Counseling Center offers new app to promote mental health

The University of Miami Counseling Center announced Oct. 26 that they will be offering a new online service for students 一 WellTrack, an interactive self-help and therapy app that will allow students to receive counseling on the go.

Survey gathers insight of sexual assault at University of Miami

Just 954 students, 5.7 percent of the student population at the University of Miami, completed the spring 2015 pilot campus climate survey on sexual...

Drake surprised her with $50,000: Getting to know Destiny James

She's more than just the girl who received a $50,000 scholarship from Drake. Destiny James had the odds stacked against her for most of her life, and when tragedy struck her freshman year, it didn't get easier. Yet she used motivation and inner strength to persevere through all of it.

ZBT’s national charter revoked following social policies investigation

“During our investigation, it became clear that the ZBT chapter blatantly violated these policies. We value our 73-year partnership with the ZBT fraternity, and we therefore support their decision to close the chapter at this time.”

Michael Tillman to discuss real estate investment, development at School of...

"I love doing things at UM. I'll come in and guest lecturer in certain classes," said Michael Tillman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of PTM Partners "I want my discussions to be interactive. It would be boring otherwise."

Absentee voting: Why it’s so important

Whether they live in Florida or not, UM students will be relying on absentee and mail-in ballots to cast their votes due to the logistics of going to school away from their home state and because of the pandemic.

SEPA faces criticism over “What Matters to U” speaker John Kasich

“[Kasich] doesn’t really represent anyone, which is good in some cases, but probably not in an academic setting where what matters to students should be prioritized.”