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Friday, August 12, 2022

Iron Arrow eliminates decades-old Native American traditions after two-year review

These changes include limiting the use of the ceremonial drum in the tapping ceremony, discontinuing student leadership titles of chief, son of chief and medicine man, as well as the folding of the arms.

Students feel ‘unsafe’ after UM permits 300 Trump signs on campus

“I’m scared for what’s going to happen next on this campus."

Students express concerns over UM Law professor’s Twitter account

University of Miami School of Law professor Daniel Ravicher began tweeting his views on Twitter in support of Trump, which included accusing the Democrats of cheating by deliberately stopping votes.

Starting college during a pandemic: Freshmen reflect on their first semester...

Coupled with the loss of traditional events associated with the end of high school, many incoming freshmen are skeptical about the future.

PBS CEO Paula Kerger discusses running successful non-profit media

The CEO and president of Public Broadcast Service (PBS) Paula Kerger, who runs a not-for-profit that expands media across platforms, visited the University of...

Hillel welcomes its first female president

Before this semester, there had never been a female president or two presidents—now, Hillel has both.

Holocaust survivor shares story of Auschwitz concentration camp, liberation

https://youtu.be/SUMhl5yoSUE Students in Professor Markus Zisselsberger’s First-Year Seminar in Literature were able to relive history on Tuesday, when a Holocaust survivor spoke with them about his...

Iron Arrow Society taps 22 new inductees in spring 2018 class

The Iron Arrow Society selected new members to induct to continue its longstanding legacy at the University of Miami.

Megan Rapinoe to speak at ‘What Matters to U’

“I was excited when I heard she was coming,” he said. “I’m not a huge sports fan, but I watched the World Cup, and we need to support women’s sports and their fight for equality.”

El coronavirus coloca a los trabajadores de UM bajo riesgo financiero...

Para un miembro del personal de limpieza de la Universidad de Miami, sobrevivir a la pandemia de coronavirus significa elegir entre la vida y continuar recibiendo su salario.

News Briefs 2/22: Engineering Week, Greek Week

Engineering Week The University of Miami Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers kicked off Engineering Week with the U-Hack 24-hour Hackathon that ran from Saturday...

Four months, four lives lost: Students, administration react to student deaths

"College is supposed to be such a special and flourishing time for students," said senior Amy Grundlegor, "but before anything, it’s supposed to be safe place to grow - and that’s obviously not the case this year."