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Monday, June 27, 2022

Concrete canoes take Canes across Lake Osceola

Year after year, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at the University of Miami competes in the Concrete Canoe National Competition. As a...

Competitors taped to walls during Duct Tape competition

After a lengthy absence, the Duct Tape stick-up competition returned to Engineering Week, as students once again taped each other to a wall Tuesday...

Student Housing Village opening delayed until fall 2020

"We decided that we wanted to delay the village's opening to ensure a high-quality living experience from day one," Vice President Patricia Whitely said. "We didn't want anything to detract from students' ability to study."

Fall semester to resume in person

In a message sent out to the entire Cane community, President Julio Frenk announced that classes will resume in person starting Aug. 17. However, Frenk says life on campus will not look the same as before.

More late-night dining options available for students with Lime

Starting this semester, students have more options for late-night dining on campus, with Lime being opened till 10 p.m. 7 days a week.

Students receive false negative COVID test results, bigger concerns arise

“I would have liked an apology or something,” said Hadieh Zolfaghari, a junior studying psychology who received a false test result. She continued that she has still not received any follow up, which was corroborated by images of her MyUHealthchart.

UM subcontracted workers allege unsafe working conditions still persist on campus

While the workers explained they are very concerned about contracting COVID-19 considering their ages and some having health conditions, they say ABM is not taking it seriously.

As fraternity parties continue across Miami, police departments struggle to hold...

Reports of large social gatherings are also non-emergency, which means police officers won’t respond as quickly if it were an emergency situation. Nonetheless, police officers still need to see the behavior. As a result, if a report is made and police arrive after the party, there is nothing that can be done.

Iron Arrow eliminates decades-old Native American traditions after two-year review

These changes include limiting the use of the ceremonial drum in the tapping ceremony, discontinuing student leadership titles of chief, son of chief and medicine man, as well as the folding of the arms.

Students feel ‘unsafe’ after UM permits 300 Trump signs on campus

“I’m scared for what’s going to happen next on this campus."

Students express concerns over UM Law professor’s Twitter account

University of Miami School of Law professor Daniel Ravicher began tweeting his views on Twitter in support of Trump, which included accusing the Democrats of cheating by deliberately stopping votes.

Orientation Fellow program accepting applications through Feb. 26

“This position is especially great for students who don’t have much leadership experience and are looking to grow."