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Friday, December 3, 2021

New CaneLink offers ‘fresh look and feel’

Beginning Sept. 30 students are seeing a new and improved CaneLink, a student information system that many said long needed overhaul.

Spotty Wi-Fi connection causes concern for on-campus students

Since the first week of classes, students are complaining about the “unreliableness” of “CaneNet Wireless,” the student Wi-Fi network across campus.

UM updates COVID guidelines as infection slows and vaccination rates increase

The University of Miami announced that outdoor mask mandates on the Coral Gables and marine campuses have been suspended in an email to the...

Dean of UM law school fired; tenured faculty protest decision

“I have determined that new leadership is vital for the benefit of the institution, our students and our community,” said UM President Julio Frenk in the May 25 email announcing the termination.

Student opinion on new Canelink layout divided one week since launch

Last week, a brand new version of CaneLink was introduced to students featuring a new-look interface with a more polished aesthetic and a schedule...

Faculty Senate condemns Frenk’s decision to dismiss law school dean

Senate faculty support of the dean comes two days after the law school’s tenured faculty adopted a resolution protesting Varona’s removal, just hours after the president announced the dismissal.

Hurricanes interested in service realize their potential with civic scholars

“Civic scholars kept me motivated to participate in voluntarism,” said Farrell. “Civic Scholars always kept me aware of my community and opened my eyes to what the school does offer.”

Fired law school dean to remain at UM as tenured faculty

“I gave it my all,” Varona said in highlighting his accomplishments as dean – including admitting what he said was the strongest law class in more than 30 years, raising $8 million, launching an environmental law program, and adapting learning models to the COVID-19 pandemic.

University leaders work to increase minority representation at RSMAS, rated lowest...

According to the University of Miami’s 2020-2021 factbook, 53% of undergraduate students at UM are Black, Latino, Asian-American, Pacific Islanders or American Indian. At...

Groundbreaking launches School of Architecture studio construction

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Thomas P. Murphy Design Studio Building, highlighting the building’s function and transformative significance to the School of Architecture, was...

UM law community seeks answers on fired dean as transitional replacement...

Following the July 1 appointment of acting Dean Stephen J. Schnably, a respected, long-time professor at UM law, faculty members released a letter criticizing UM’s firing of Varona and demanding answers from Frenk.

Study abroad resumes fall trips, kickstarts new UBarcelona Program

After canceling all study abroad arrangements for more than a year, the Study Abroad Office has reinstated a select number of programs for the fall semester and is expanding offerings for the spring.