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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Tech gadgets that will make college life easier

Excitement and energy fill the University of Miami campus as students are eager to tackle the beginning of a new school year. However, while...

The View: Telltale signs of finals season, as told by Scandal

It’s mid-April. You ask yourself how next week is the last week of classes. You are suddenly bombarded with projects, papers, presentations and an...

Entry one: A guide to an unexpected self-quarantine

You never realize how infinite 14 days are until you’ve sat at home in self-quarantine during your entire Spring Break.

Culture Shock: Travel shows a place’s value

Whenever I get homesick, it does not manifest as moping around, constantly calling people back home or missing my family (sorry Dad). Instead, I...

No. 7 UM vs. No. 1 Clemson Live Blog

ACC Championship Game: No. 7 Miami Hurricanes (10-1, 7-1 ACC) vs. No. 1 Clemson Tigers (11-1, 7-1 ACC) Here is what you need to know... FINAL...

Entry two: A guide to an unexpected self-quarantine

Today was just as exciting as all the other quarantine days- snacks, coffee, video games, endless IG scrolling, TV, and a nap.

No. 3 Notre Dame vs. No. 7 Miami Live Blog

No. 3 Notre Dame (8-1) vs. No. 7 Miami (8-0, 6-0 ACC) Here's what you need to know... FINAL SCORE: Miami 41 – Notre Dame 8 4th...

Florida Priorities Summit blog

Student journalists cover the Florida Priorities Summit, held Nov. 13-14 at the University of Miami's Shalala Student Center.

Donald Trump’s election stirs protest at University of Miami

After a contentious election cycle, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump became president-elect after defeating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The results of the...

‘Lost’ Easter eggs hidden throughout ‘Once Upon a Time’

"Lost" may have ended a little over four years ago, but teasers in "Once Upon a Time" (which has the same creators as "Lost") have...
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WCGSports: Golden State Warriors dominating, need more challenges

The Golden State Warriors have dominated the NBA season with a perfect 12-0 record. The team burst onto the scene last season with a record...

Entry four: A guide to an unexpected self-quarantine

Our reality is just going to require more effort, whether that be in taking safety precautions or learning to adapt to other people in your quarantine space. The most important thing to remember is that even though you may be isolated, you are not alone in your experiences.