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HBO Max’s ‘Moonshot’ is a romantic blend of comedy and finding...

“Moonshot” follows Walt (Cole Sprouse) and Sophie (Lana Condor) as they travel to Mars. Viewers are also introduced to the character Leon Kovi, the billionaire behind the Mars program, within the first couple scenes. Many will recognize parallels between Leon Kovi and Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Leon is, afterall, a rhyming anagram of Elon.

Miley Cyrus is demanding attention, so naturally, I obliged

On April 1, former Disney channel starlet Miley Cyrus dropped her first live album, “Attention: Miley Live.” Each of the 20 tracks — barring the two new songs, “ATTENTION” and “You”— were selected by fans in an effort by Cyrus to put on her best show yet.

Denzel Curry’s “Melt My Eyez See Your Future” is deserving of...

“Melt My Eyez See Your Future” keeps the focus on Curry and Curry's message alone. The grimey, spacey, sample-heavy beats are reminiscent of Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt's early style of production work.

Birds of the U: Capturing a natural aviary in our own...

There’s more than what’s on the surface for the wide range of species on campus. Let’s take a look at the numerous kinds of birds we have on our campus that make it as beautiful as it is today.

Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock at Oscars shakes the world

On March 27, the 94th Academy Award Show was hosted by comedian Chris Rock. During the show he was going through his monologue, talking about how he believes Javier Bardem secretly wanted Will Smith to win the Oscar. He then moves his attention to the Smiths, where things took a drastic turn.

Compassion Prevails Through the Chaos of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

Written and directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert — commonly known as the Daniels — Everything Everywhere All at Once is exactly as overwhelming as it sounds: filled to the absolute brim with all the weird and wild in this universe and more. It’s one of the most imaginative films in modern cinema and it was pure bliss to experience this on the big screen.

Doja Cat scares fans with announcement of quitting music

Doja Cat gave fans a major shock on Thursday when she announced quitting music.

Daddy Yankee takes his final bow with farewell album “LEGENDADDY”

On Thursday, March 28, Daddy Yankee — the king of reggaeton — dropped his farewell studio album “LEGENDADDY.” A week prior, the Puerto Rican artist, born Raymond Ayala, announced his retirement from the music industry after an impressive 32-year career run.

Charli XCX’s ‘Crash’ is an effortless ride, ready to dance on...

For “non-Angels” avoiding close attention to Charli XCX’s career, it may appear that Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” co-star faded out of existence after the mid-2010s. The English popstar’s fifth album “Crash” received her most promotion since 2014 and the blood-covered vixen and car crash motifs did their job in catching people’s eye.

A rock music revolution led by student band, Ex Monarch

University of Miami Frost School of Music students hope to revolutionize alternative rock-music culture by adding a female sound to a male-dominated industry.

Tearing the fabric of unity: Russo-Ukraine war disrupts fashion sector

Under the escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War, Ukraine's fashion sector continues to evacuate and adapt to its intensity. Tank movements and airborne strikes on cities like Kyiv render a daunting task for designers: obtaining a net of security while maintaining a buisness. Faced with the uncertainty of returning home, the rapid rise of conflict has scattered creative teams both domestically and abroad.

Grammy Awards Staff Picks

With Recording Academy voting history, chart success and favoritism in mind, TMH staff took the time to compile predictions for who should and who will likely win this year’s awards. Simply a guessing game, predictions for the main award categories are below.