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Is DJ Khaled’s “God Did” his most Khaled project yet?

Released on Aug. 26, Khaled’s 18-track project “God Did” contains features from both well-known artists and newcomers, with most tracks being trap-rap and hip-hop. In fact, the album might raise even more confusion with its lack of focus, but will for sure keep listeners awake with its high-production value and radio-ready instrumentals.

6 books to read on National Read a Book Day

As book recommendations have climbed up the hierarchy of trending topics on TikTok, a generation that is largely lost to technology is rediscovering the power and pleasure that comes with reading. In honor of National Read a Book Day, The Miami Hurricane brings you six ‘must-reads’ for you to pick off the shelf the next time you find yourself in a bookstore.

A guide to navigating Miami’s many vibrant museums

Miami’s rich history, vibrant art scene and rising tech and science industries are celebrated by the city’s many iconic museums. From on-campus art galleries to downtown science museums, University of Miami students have a wealth of knowledge on their doorstep to explore. Here’s a list of a few of Miami’s museums UM students must see:

Making Miami moves: A guide to avoiding tourist traps

Miami’s weather, attractions and nightlife attract people from all over the world all year round and the city relies on tourism for billions of dollars in revenue. While tourists may not be aware of traps set to drain their wallets, Miami locals know where to avoid and where to go for a better, less expensive experience.

Where to go for a dose of Miami culture

When you think of Miami, images of South Beach and Ocean Drive with their art deco buildings, neon lights and luxury cars probably come to mind. While those are certainly spots to hit in the 305, there is so much more than meets the eye in this city. For students looking for a real dose of Miami culture over their next few years at UM, here is a guide on some places to visit including a few local spots that are must-dos.

Music festivals to look forward to this fall

It’s no secret that Miami has one of the best music scenes in the world. For many students, music festivals are an integral part of the UM arts and culture experience. Each year, Ultra Music Festival and Rolling Loud, among others, are major conversation topics on campus. As an incoming UM student, all of this may seem overwhelming, but you will want to take advantage of all that Miami’s vibrant music scene has to offer. Not sure where to start? Here are all of the music festivals that are sure to leave their mark on the Magic City this fall.

Captivating ‘Canes on campus: events to look forward to this fall

As the Fall semester approaches, many students are eager to explore the experiences that come with living in Miami. Between music, food, fashion and art, the Miami entertainment scene holds an endless selection of places to see and things to do. However, the University of Miami also hosts a variety of on-campus programs and activities to explore. Whether you decide to go out or stay in, you will find entertainment all over campus. Here are some events to look forward to this fall:

UM fashion essentials

The fashion scene in Miami is truly one-of-a-kind from its breezy daytime looks to designer nightclub outfits; it can be a challenge to adjust to the style persona of a new city. But not every outfit needs to be a statement piece, most of the time a student's wardrobe is composed of what is clean and practical.

A pasta enthusiast’s guide to Miami eateries

In three short weeks, incoming students at the University of Miami will be able to begin exploring the Miami food scene. This article provides a guide to staple restaurants and student favorite pasta dishes to be sure to try throughout the first semester.

VIDEO: Rolling Loud rolls through Miami

Rolling Loud made its mark in Miami for the sixth time over the weekend of July 22. The international hip-hop music festival, which was established in 2015, is hosted in five different countries and has made Miami a site each time. Here are some of the best moments from the weekend caught by contributing videographer Carson Wine.

Prime real estate: The best study-spots on campus

College is a time to figure out what your preferences are and many students quickly search for the best study spots on campus outside of the library. At the U, there are plenty of locations for students to change up their scenery and get work done.

Campus coffee: UM spots to satisfy that caffeine craving

“Where can I get coffee on campus?” No question is more important when you’re half awake, running late to class and looking for the closest place to get some espresso. From cold brew to cafecito, here are all the best places (in no particular order) to enjoy coffee here at UM.