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Charli XCX’s ‘Crash’ is an effortless ride, ready to dance on...

For “non-Angels” avoiding close attention to Charli XCX’s career, it may appear that Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” co-star faded out of existence after the mid-2010s. The English popstar’s fifth album “Crash” received her most promotion since 2014 and the blood-covered vixen and car crash motifs did their job in catching people’s eye.

Is pop music dying or just reinventing itself?

The mid-2010s found the musical world beginning to shift from pop for the first time in years. Hip-hop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) took control of the charts. To get listeners back on their side, many pop stars found themselves reinventing their sound, deviating from genre traditions and separating from the pack.

Rachell Soler on progress, pursuing her dreams and making her family...

Soler said nowadays people just want to have a “hit or something catchy.” Rachi Relos’ goal is different. She wants to make music that people will listen to 10 years from now. With her ambition and plans to release a studio-album across all platforms soon, her future certainly looks bright.

Drake and Kanye will never be friends

It’s no secret that Drake and Kanye West have always been competitive with each other.

A romantic Valentine’s Day playlist for the lovers

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, music could be the best way to express how you feel to your Valentine. Below you’ll find a playlist that includes romantic, steamy and vulnerable songs ideal for holiday.

VIDEO: Rolling Loud rolls through Miami

Rolling Loud made its mark in Miami for the sixth time over the weekend of July 22. The international hip-hop music festival, which was established in 2015, is hosted in five different countries and has made Miami a site each time. Here are some of the best moments from the weekend caught by contributing videographer Carson Wine.

Rihanna shines during 2016 MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) were nothing short of inspirational this year, as countless celebrities stunned on the red carpet and brought down...

Just for profit? Britney Spears’ constant exploitation with a barrage of...

With the influx of documentaries, it’s easy to wonder what inspired them to come out now.

Daddy Yankee takes his final bow with farewell album “LEGENDADDY”

On Thursday, March 28, Daddy Yankee — the king of reggaeton — dropped his farewell studio album “LEGENDADDY.” A week prior, the Puerto Rican artist, born Raymond Ayala, announced his retirement from the music industry after an impressive 32-year career run.

UM students react to the death of Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim

Like the rest of the world, UM students expressed their thoughts and feelings surrounding the Broadway icon’s death.

I attended Miami Beach Pride. Let’s chat.

The celebration lasts ten days — this year from April 1-10 — with the final day signaling the grandiose parade followed by an all-day festival with celebrity headliners. This year’s list included popular British, EDM-pop musician RAYE, whose performance lit up Lummus Park with celebratory dance pop.