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Thursday, August 11, 2022

‘Mulan (2020)’: A beloved childhood story turned political controversy

Everything you need to know about the controversies surrounding the new live-action remake.

‘March For Our Lives’ documentary aimed at young voters, activists to...

Kim Snyder, director of the Peabody award-winning documentary “Newtown,” sat down with The Miami Hurricane to discuss making "Us Kids" and what she hopes audiences (and voters) will take away from it.

‘Life on Mars’ pilot blends humor with realism

On Tuesday night, Cosford Cinema premiered the television pilot of a series created, written and produced by a group of University of Miami students...

18 Netflix thrillers for a socially distant Halloween

October is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to get in the spirit.

Film as a time machine: Godard’s ‘Breathless’

A monthly analyzation of vintage films with UM motion pictures student Martin Hidalgo. Edition one focuses on Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" (1960), available for free on Kanopy with a UM email.

‘A Girl Like Her’ features potent account of teen bullying

Documentaries are powerful. They give the audience, who lie safe behind the screen, a view into a gritty, real world that they can’t imagine,...

A very merry (and inclusive) Christmas, thanks to Lifetime

The network, a long-time competitor of holiday movie maven Hallmark, has emerged with an exciting (and somewhat unexpected) Christmas miracle—its first LGBTQ holiday movie.

Visual theatrics of ‘Big Hero 6’ get lost behind its mechanical...

Movie goers excitedly crowded around the Cosford Cinema, playing giant games of “Jenga” and “Operation” before settling into the theatre to catch a sneak...

Oscar-nominated film review: ‘Parasite’ among best cinematic experiences of the decade

Overall "Parasite" is a masterpiece– a beautifully acted, shot and directed piece of cinema. As such, it is no wonder the film received six Oscar nominations, and in my opinion, is sure to win the majority of them.

‘Cuties’: The line between commentary and indulgence

A look into disingenuous marketing, self-fulfilling prophecies and what it means to tackle themes with varying shades of gray.

‘Frozen 2’ tour brings cold front to Miami

At each stop, they promote the movie, share behind-the-scenes details with fans and host giveaways from sponsors Kellogg’s and Juicy Juice.

Cosford Cinema starts semester strong with ‘Once Upon a Time in...

The audience– movie buffs and casual viewers alike– appreciated how insanely good DiCaprio is at acting and had a great time watching the combination of comedy and classic Tartantinian violence unfold on screen.