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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Around the world in five hours: SOBEWFF’S Grand Tasting Village brings...

One of the most popular and affordable events of the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival, Goya Foods' Grand Tasting Village, welcomed ticket holders to sample food and drink from the finest chefs, caterers, wine enthusiasts and bartenders of Miami and beyond.

Hanukkah DIY: Sufganiyah

To kick off this Hanukkah season, here is an authentic, traditional Israeli donut recipe for sufganiyah that my father always fries up when the holidays roll around the corner.

A freshman’s guide to surviving Miami

So, you’ve decided to move to Miami. You’ve registered for classes, added “UMiami ‘24” to your Instagram bio and bought everything in sight at Bed, Bath and Beyond’s “Back to School” sale. Now what?

Five tips for making Meatless Monday a success

Going meat-free even once a week has great benefits for your health and that of the planet, and it doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. It can be achieved by simply removing the meat from your favorite dishes, replacing it with a vegetarian substitute or hopping on Pinterest to find something brand new. Plus, it’s only once a week.

7 foods to keep on hand for hurricane season

Here are seven foods to keep on hand this hurricane season.

3 simple, tasty recipes to make quarantine a little sweeter

Even the most amateur of bakers can throw together these easy and delicious desserts.

6 tips for staying healthy in college

Staying healthy is hard. Staying healthy in college is even harder. So, the Hurricane took the guesswork out of it. Here are six easy ways to keep looking good, but more importantly, to keep feeling good.

4 recipes to celebrate World Coconut Day

From protein-packed “energy balls” to toasted granola to plain coconut water, there are many creative ways to incorporate coconut into your diet. In celebration of World Coconut Day, here are a few student-friendly recipes you’ll go (coco)nuts for!

Get a pizza’ this: Four restaurants to try this National Pizza...

Whether you are looking for a post-Miami Marathon treat or just want a pizza to eat away the stress of college, everyone deserves a break now and then. Here are four pizza restaurants in Miami to grab a slice or two–– or a whole pie.

Hottest spots to sample tapas dishes in Miami

A full portion of protein, starch and vegetable is what Americans have come to expect when dining out. Recently, however, a new trend has...

Use dessert to flaunt school spirit with ‘apple turnover chain’ recipe

Sick of plain, old apple pie on Thanksgiving? Want to annoy all of your cousins whose football teams are ranked lower than ours? This apple turnover chain is for U.

Celebrate National Coffee Day the Miami way

For National Coffee Day (Sept. 29), The Hurricane asked students what they love so much about the caffeine-filled drink and found out their favorite places to get it. Without further ado, here is a list of some of Miami's most-loved coffee spots