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UM students on dog parenting, ‘It’s just like having another kid’

“I just couldn't imagine having put in all that work being so emotionally attached to him to then just end up having to let him go,” Morton said about her now one and a half-year old Yorkie-Poo named Nori. “He felt like my dog at that point.”

Student film ‘Bris Me Goodbye’: a love letter to Judaism, Jewish...

“Bris Me Goodbye,” is a film revolving around Rachel, a Jewish woman in a relationship with Colin — who is not Jewish — and the societal pressures surrounding them. While the plot is fictional, Howells used real-life examples to write the film.

Homecoming Executive Committee student organizers “Bring the Beat Back” to Homecoming

While the entire UM community enjoyed the outcome of their hard work and dedication, Homecoming couldn’t happen without the members of HEC, a diverse cohort of 30 students who planned months in advance.

UM’s Gender and Sexuality LLC students launch project for campus mural...

The mural, which the LLC hopes to complete soon, will feature the art of queer community artists, with a focus on nationwide queer history.

UM Professor Ivan Albreht uses ceramics to understand the fragility of...

Albreht teaches ceramics and sculpture in the University of Miami Art Department. Showcased in this year’s UM faculty exhibition at the University of Miami Gallery in Wynwood is his work “Great 8 (G8) With a Small Problem.”

A modern, pop dance party playlist for Halloween

Below is a selection of modern, pop, party-ready bangers to turn up this year’s costume party. Whether it’s the title or the lyrics, each song can be interpreted as spooky in some way. With this playlist full of blissful dance tracks and radio hits, you have no excuse to let your party fall flat.

UM Faculty Gallery teaches community more about the personality of campus...

Currently, art created by UM faculty is on display at the 2021 Faculty Exhibition.

5 great Miami getaways to enjoy some fall fun

A list compiled by Staff Culture Writer Ligna Patidar.

UM students react to global Netflix sensation ‘Squid Game’

Not even a month after its release, the gory survival drama has surpassed “Bridgerton” as the streaming platform’s most-watched series.

Choose your fighter: Plant-based edition

In honor of the approaching Vegan Block Party, here are the top plant-based spots to try in the 305.

Busy and misunderstood: A day in the life of a UM...

Few college majors are more misunderstood than musical theater students. More than just acting, the University of Miami (UM) Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) musical theater program captures a high level of student talent, one that many students in other sections of the university may not understand.

Viral Gabby Petito case captivates the nation, social media, and UM...

Earlier this week, social media was flooded with the disappearance of 22-year-old Gabby Petito, a woman traveling across the country in a van with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie.