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A captivated audience gazes intently at the synchronized aerial act being performed by acrobats on the trapeze- and also at the 'fire-knife dancing,' 'handbalancing,'...

Jammin’ with the Dean

"Jammin' with the Dean" is a discussion series that Dean Berg initiated last year.

The Blind Side far from groundbreaking but incredibly touching

The plot of The Blind Side comes dangerously close to becoming a huge cliché yet somehow never manages to cross that line.

‘Evita’ kicks off the Actors’ Playhouse 30th Anniversary season

The theater showed not only a traditional English language run of the Tony Award-winning musical, but will also be performing a Spanish language run from Nov. 30 to Dec. 17.

Weekend Watch: Life in Color paint party, “Sunday in the Park...

Life in Color The 10th anniversary of this annual EDM paint party will feature artists like Diplo, Marshmello, Young Thug and Desiigner. Life in...

Heath Ledger Interview:

Popular Aussie actor, Heath Ledger, plays the lead character, Harry Feversham, in the soon to be released film The Four Feathers, directed by Shekhar...

Damien Rice’s 9 sounds a lot like its predecessor O

Damien Rice's simply-titled follow-up to his well-liked debut, O (are we seeing a trend here?), is the extent of having a hamster die and...

film review: Spider ***

Spider is a perfect film for the chronically depressed moviegoer nursing a fetish for the mentally ill. Its main subject is a man named...

CD Review: Bloc Party’s ‘Intimacy’

After the success of their first album, Silent Alarm, Bloc Party struggled through good but not great reviews for their sophomore try, A Weekend in the City.

Strange News

For people who are truly lazy, the Cruzin Cooler might be just what you're looking for. The Cruzin Cooler is basically a cooler with...

Choose your fighter: Plant-based edition

In honor of the approaching Vegan Block Party, here are the top plant-based spots to try in the 305.

Foreign, indie films don’t disappoint

Some days there isn’t a single movie out in theaters that seems remotely entertaining. Netflix’s instant streaming selection leaves much to be desired. Blockbuster...