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Is pop music dying or just reinventing itself?

The mid-2010s found the musical world beginning to shift from pop for the first time in years. Hip-hop and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) took control of the charts. To get listeners back on their side, many pop stars found themselves reinventing their sound, deviating from genre traditions and separating from the pack.

Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ on Disney+ steps in the right direction

The fifth entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Disney+ venture, “Hawkeye’s” release date feels important, more so than just because of its timely Christmas themes.

Students ring in holiday season at inaugural Commuter Carnival

The newly-formed University of Miami Commuter Council invited students to ring in the holiday season with classic carnival games, candy apples and snow cones...

Controversial animal rights activist Carole Baskin files lawsuit against Netflix for...

For months after the show was released, the Baskins received many harassing messages wishing them dead. According to Baskin, the messages resumed after people saw her in the trailer for the second season of “Tiger King.”

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” takes home the title for Marvel’s most...

The anticipation for “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” the third and potentially final entry in the joint release between Marvel and Sony, surmounts any movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) history.

Adele’s ’30’ explores singer’s divorce, heartbreak and raising a child following...

In true Adele fashion, the 12-track project is filled with yearnings of love and wanting to be loved. Yet, with this album, she dives deeper into the abyss of self-realization and reflection.

UM students react to Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival mass tragedy

With the victims spanning ages nine to twenty-seven, the devastating event now referred to as the “Astroworld Festival Tragedy” is currently under investigation by the Houston police department.

Silk Sonic drops an ‘album of the summer,’ but just in...

It’s hard to imagine two Grammy-winning artists developing this much chemistry as quickly as Silk Sonic members Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars. Originally formed as a passion project between the two friends, Silk Sonic blossomed when .Paak opened on part of Mars’ “24k Magic” tour in 2017.

A CFDA marriage: When Kid Cudi wore a wedding dress

On fashion insiders’ biggest night, Kid Cudi walked down the aisle in a custom, lace bridal gown with California-based designer Eli Russel Linnetz. The bride’s daring look included hot pink hair, bedazzled sneakers, eyeliner and a veil. The striking ensemble paid homage to another musical bride: Kurt Cobain.

UM students disappointed surrounding lack of concert during Homecoming week this...

Although UM hosted many fun activities during the eventful week, such as Hurricane Howl at Lake Osceola, students were disappointed to learn that there was no Homecoming concert this year.

Spotlight on stylists: The people propelling fashion in the pandemic

To pull the curtain on fashion’s mechanized machine, communication technology is instrumental. Stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and photographers regularly utilize digital tools to showcase their artistic vocations. Most retain a small following, while others have chartered mass audiences.

Are Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating?

UM student give their opinions on the rumored relationship between the high-profile celebrities.