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Coral Gables
Sunday, July 25, 2021


For the fourth year, the UM Counseling Center hosted a display of The Clothesline Project on the Green Wednesday. Shirts of varying colors hung on clotheslines along the pathway next to the Ferre Building.
The national project aims to raise awareness for domestic violence and sexual assault abuse directed toward women. Thirty-one shirts made up the original display in 1990. An estimated 60,000 shirts are now displayed over hundreds of projects.
The shirts allow a canvas for survivor stories and messages of empowerment, and students had the opportunity to create shirts to share their sentiments. The colors of the shirts symbolize the type of violence being expressed, and the clotheslines represent where women used to share stories when they were primarily responsible for washing clothes.
UMPD also had a presence at the event, offering tips for how students can remain safe. Nick Gangemi // Photo Editor