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Easy eating options on and off campus

The sign for Miami ChickenCompany, one of the many options in the Hurricane Food Court on UM's Coral Gables campus. Photo credit: Jared Lennon
The sign for Miami ChickenCompany, one of the many options in the Hurricane Food Court on UM's Coral Gables campus.
The sign for Miami ChickenCompany, one of the many options in the Hurricane Food Court on UM’s Coral Gables campus. Photo credit: Jared Lennon

Cubanos, key lime pie, arepas, sushi and so much more live at the heart of Miami’s culinary scene. Students arriving in Miami for the first time will quickly realize the city offers a diverse array of eating options. Enjoying and learning these cuisines is part of the Miami experience.

That being said, exploring Miami’s culinary scene is not always an option. When hunger strikes in the middle of the night, most places are not open and a restaurant on South Beach won’t always be possible, especially when class is the next day. Having a list of easy, budget-friendly, walkable eating options is valuable for students living alone for the first time.

For those with a meal plan, which is any freshman living on campus, the dining hall is the most straightforward option. The dining hall looks most like a food court with some stations offering consistent options, such as pizza, pasta, salads, fruit and sandwiches, while others change daily. Dine on Campus posts the dining hall’s hours and options for the day.

On Thursday through Saturday, the Hecht-Stanford dining hall opens from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.for Late Night Dining, making it a great option for students returning from a night out or late night studying. Sandwiches, fries, hot dogs and more are available at that time.

Students sit in the Rathskeller, one of the most popular food spots on the University of Miami&squot;s campus, on Sept. 24, 2021. "The Rat" has a wide variety of food and drinks and hosts talks, events and even concerts for students to attend.
Students sit in the Rathskeller, one of the most popular food spots on the University of Miami’s campus, on Sept. 24, 2021. “The Rat” has a wide variety of food and drinks and hosts talks, events and even concerts for students to attend. Photo credit: Jared Lennon

The University of Miami has two on campus restaurants: The Rathskeller, an on-campus sports bar serving casual American food and Lime, serving Mexican dishes. Lime is open until 10 p.m. on weekdays if the dining hall’s 9:30 p.m. closing is too early.

For an on-campus taste of Miami, the food court and Wednesday farmers markets are excellent options. The Food Court includes Vicky Bakery, Sushi Maki and Pollo Tropical, Miami-based chains serving Cuban pastries and coffee, sushi and Cuban fast food, respectively.

“Everyone likes to come here for a good coffee,” said Giselle Martinez, a barista at Vicky Bakery. “We always try to do the best, always with love.”

Wednesday markets are hosted near Richter Library and feature local vendors selling everything from bulgogi bowls to freshly cut mango.

After 10 p.m, all of the above places are closed. So what to do if hunger strikes in the middle of the night? UM’s The Market is a mini convenience store, similar to a 7/11, open 24 hours a day.

“Good stuff, good price,” said Sardo Suso, supervisor of The Market. “If you come here, you’ll get it.”

One can find frozen meals, ice cream, chips, candy, toiletries, energy drinks, medicine and more.

Additionally, there’s a ramen vending machine in the Shalala Student Center available at any hour, including the middle of the night.

Two other popular dining options on campus include a Starbucks, in the Shalala Student Center and a Smoothie King.

“We got a laid back, nice vibe,” said Dychaen Dunbar, supervisor of Smoothie King. “When they come in, we have a nice and peaceful ambience.”

The last several eating spots on campus include an Einstein Bros Bagels, a bagel and breakfast chain; Daybreak, serving gourmet breakfast in Lakeside; the Archivist, a coffee shop by Richter Library; Half Moon, selling empanadas around campus; Fitberry, selling acai bowls in the Wellness Center; and Brewbike, selling cold brew around campus.

Regarding off-campus options, groceries will be a good investment for those late night cravings. Whole Foods and Publix are each within walking distance and perfect to stock up on snacks, in addition to other necessities. Trader Joes and Target are also accessible via a metro rail ride from the University stop to the Dadeland North stop.

When there’s no groceries left in the dorm, popular 24 hour options amongst UM students include McDonald’s and Denny’s, both located on US-1. CVS is also open 24 hours and a short walk away.

Insomnia Cookie is a popular, new option located on Red Rd. True to its name, Insomnia Cookie remains open until 3 a.m. during the school year.

“When people are studying or watching movies at nighttime, we’re open and the food is always fresh,” said Andres Toray, shift lead and UM student. “Salted caramel is really good. Birthday cake is a really good vegan option.”

Dominoes, Shake Shack and Five Guys are other UM student-frequented fast food options.

The last well known, near campus options to mention are Moon Thai and Japanese and Coyo Taco on US-1, offering a more dine-in experience.

While the Miami food scene expands far beyond campus, this is a good primer for quick eats near UM. Several more restaurants/eateries exist along US-1 and, for a slightly longer walk, South Miami offers a large variety of restaurants, with cuisines ranging from falafel to empanadas.


Miami Hurricanes Football games: What to expect

Senior wide receiver Mike Harley catches a pass for a touchdown during the third quarter of Miami’s game versus the University of Virginia at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept. 30, 2021. Photo credit: Jared Lennon
Canes fans celebrate during the Canes game versus the University of Virginia at Hard Rock Stadium on Oct. 11, 2019.
Canes fans celebrate during Miami's game versus the University of Virginia at Hard Rock Stadium on Oct. 11, 2019. Photo credit: Jared Lennon

At the University of Miami, Saturdays are for football. On game days, students, alumni, faculty and UM devotees come together, clad in green and orange, to cheer on our football team. With the Miami Hurricanes’ football season rapidly approaching, fans are already gearing up for what is sure to be an eventful season.

The Hurricanes will kick-off their season at Hard Rock Stadium against Bethune-Cookman at 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 3. As we welcome you to campus and into our community of Miami Hurricane football fans, here are a few things you can expect:


Since Miami’s home field is located at Hard Rock Stadium, UM provides shuttles to take students to and from home games.

The UBus shuttles typically depart from the Plaza in front of Lakeside Village along Stanford Drive.

The first bus leaves around three hours prior to kick-off and the last bus usually leaves 30 minutes prior to kick-off.

Depending on what time you arrive at the shuttles on game day, there will be a pretty long line; however, the buses are constantly leaving so the line moves faster than you may anticipate.

The buses are free to ride for current UM students and guests with a ticket in the student section.

In order to ride the bus, students must have their ‘Cane Card and student ticket for the game.

No food or beverages will be allowed on the bus, however, students may bring a sealed or empty water bottle of up to 16 oz.

Senior wide receiver Mike Harley catches a pass for a touchdown during the third quarter of Miami’s game versus the University of Virginia at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept. 30, 2021.
Senior wide receiver Mike Harley catches a pass for a touchdown during the third quarter of Miami’s game versus the University of Virginia at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept. 30, 2021. Photo credit: Jared Lennon

Arriving at Hard Rock Stadium:

Once you arrive at Hard Rock, you will get off the bus and walk along a path that leads directly to the NW Gate Student Entrance of the stadium, where you will go through security and scan your tickets.

To get through security, only bring a clear bag up to 1 gallon in size or a small purse that is the size of your hand.

The Fan Zone:

For spirited students who want to have some fun before the big game, head to Fan Zone.

Fan Zone is hosted by the Division of Student Affairs, the Department of Student Activities & Student Organizations, Student Government and Category 5.

At Fan Zone, students can find fun activities, free food and water, lively music and other games and giveaways.

Additionally, Fan Zone is located in a shaded area so students can take a break from the South Florida heat before the game.

The Fan Zone is open two and a half hours before kick-off up until half an hour prior to kick-off.

To enter Fan Zone, students must have their ‘Cane Card. Fan Zone does not allow any drugs or alcoholic beverages.

During the game and returning to campus:

Whenever you are ready, head to the student section inside of Hard Rock Stadium to secure your seats for the game.

Depending on the game, the seats will fill up fast. So the earlier you arrive, the better seats you’ll get.

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for Category 5 during the game.

Category 5 is UM’s official student section and spirit group. They keep the student section lively during the games with smoke bombs, giveaways and more.

At halftime, UBus shuttles begin taking students back to campus. The buses will continue to do so until around 30 minutes after the game finishes.

Miami Hurricanes football games are always super fun experiences for UM students. Now that you know all the logistics of how to get there, what to bring and where to go, we hope to see you out there!

This information was gathered from the Student Affairs Office.

Overcoming the Orientation ‘scaries’: What to expect, students’ advice

The Shalala Student Center is home to some of the best study spots on campus and features many popular food options including Starbucks and the Rathskeller. Photo credit: Dan Snitzer
The Shalala Student Center is home to some of the best study spots on campus and features many popular food options including Starbucks and the Rathskeller.
The Shalala Student Center is home to some of the best study spots on campus and features many popular food options including Starbucks and the Rathskeller. Photo credit: Dan Snitzer

Orientation can be an overwhelming week for incoming freshmen. It is the first time most students are away from their hometowns; trying to juggle the move-in process and orientation events, while adjusting to a life with limited parental guidance.

To make this transition a little easier, the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement (OCSI) puts together a week-long agenda of social gatherings, academic dean’s meetings and required orientation sessions. These events aim to help students connect with their incoming class, teach them how to safely and respectfully excel in college and extend to them the University of Miami spirit.

The schedule, which can be viewed using the UMiami app throughout orientation, may appear daunting, but it is important to note that there are only a few mandatory events. However, students are encouraged to attend a few events each day to help familiarize themselves with campus, learn about opportunities at UM and meet faculty. This is also a prime time to get to know the Residential Advisor, First Year Fellow and fellow students on your floor as many of the events are attended in floor groups.

“I went to every freshman orientation event possible,” said Regina Potenza, a sophomore studying broadcast journalism. “It was the best way to get to know The U.”

Two exciting events to be sure not to miss are ‘Cane Kickoff LIVE and ‘Canefest. ‘Cane Kickoff LIVE features university president, Julio Frenk, mascot Sebastian the Ibis and the full UM spirit team to show students what it means to be a Hurricane. ‘Canefest is a great opportunity to get involved on campus. Nearly every student organization sets up information booths to recruit new members.

Be sure to stop by the social events as well, many of which give away UM merchandise or free food. Be sure to get there early and be at the start of the line as giveaways run out quickly.

Orientation week is designed to help students overcome the nerves of adjusting to life at UM and making new friends. Fortunately, these feelings of worry and discomfort are shared among most incoming freshman, said Trevor Lynn, a sophomore at the University of Miami majoring in finance and business law

“Everyone was in the same position as me and just trying to make friends,” Lynn said. “Personally, I tried meeting as many people on my floor as possible so I’d have people I knew around me.”

Lynn, like many other sophomores, stressed the importance of meeting new people especially in their housing. While communal showers and tiny bedrooms may seem unappealing, it was on those floors where true friendships were created, Lynn said.

“Living in the dorms during orientation helped me branch out,” said Michael Gianetta, a sophomore majoring in sports administration. “It helped me keep my options open socially and was the best time to meet people around me.”

Making connections with students in your dorm can be a great way to adapt to life at UM. While making friendships on campus is important, some students say that it is just as necessary to branch out and explore Miami, finding new ways to meet and connect with people.

“Orientation week was the best time to go out to the beach and Brickell,” said Celia Lynn, a sophomore majoring in public relations. “I had no schoolwork and got to meet my closest friends.”



2023 edge rusher Jayden Wayne commits to Miami

Jayden Wayne, a heavily coveted edge rusher in the class of 2023, has committed to the Hurricanes.

Ranked as a four-star recruit by 247Sports, Wayne chose Miami over other fierce programs, including Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Oregon.

The Tacoma, Wash. native had been recruited by Miami head coach Mario Cristobal while he was the head coach at Oregon. Cristobal and his staff were still persistent in recruiting Wayne, and it has paid off with his commitment.

“Me and Mario Cristobal’s relationship, I’ve known him since 8th grade We have that bond,” Wayne told 247Sports after his pledge to the Hurricanes.

In his junior season at Lincoln (Wash.) High School, Wayne dominated opposing offenses, tallying 44 tackles (16 of them for a loss) and nine sacks in nine games. He will attend highly regarded IMG (Fla.) Academy for his senior season.

At 6-foot-5 and 245 pounds, Wayne demonstrates a plethora of power and speed off the line of scrimmage. His ability to go around offensive tackles swiftly creates immediate pressure in the backfield.

“You guys are getting a beast, a coachable player, willing to learn, not afraid of anything,” Wayne said in a message to Miami fans.

Not only is Wayne a standout as an edge rusher, but he has played a decent bit of offense, as well. In his same junior season, he recorded 18 catches for 269 yards and five touchdowns as a tight end/wide receiver. Most of these catches were from bubble screens that got the rising senior the ball in the open field.

Wayne is another prime addition to an already stacked 2023 recruiting class for Miami. He is the sixth four-star recruit for the Hurricanes in a class that was ranked 11th in the nation before his commitment, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Five-star offensive tackle Francis Mauigoa commits to Miami

The Hurricanes had another reason to celebrate on July 4, as UM landed their highest-ranked recruit since 2010 in five-star offensive tackle Francis Mauigoa. The 6-foot-5 prospect is the best offensive tackle and the ninth overall recruit in the country, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Mauigoa’s commitment to UM in the 2023 class continues a hot streak on the recruiting trail for head coach Mario Cristobal and the rest of Miami’s staff. In recent weeks, UM has secured commitments from other top prospects, such as four-star quarterback Jaden Rashada and four-star tight end Riley Williams.

Mauigoa, who attends IMG (Fla.) Academy, is the highest-ranked recruit for Miami since offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson, who was the No. 2 player in the country in his respective cycle.

Prior to Mauigoa’s commitment, UM’s 2023 class was ranked 14th in the country according to 247Sports, good for second in the ACC behind the Clemson Tigers.

Miami flips four-star cornerback Antione Jackson from the Bulldogs to the Hurricanes

In recent days and weeks, the Miami Hurricanes have been adding to their 2023 recruiting class, securing key commitments from four-star recruits such as quarterback Jaden Rashada and tight end Riley Williams.

Today, UM added to their 2024 recruiting class by flipping four-star cornerback Antione Jackson from the Georgia Bulldogs. Jackson committed to UGA in March 2022 but continued to signal that his recruitment was not completely closed.

Jackson posted a picture on Twitter of him attending the UM Spring Game on April 16th, and more recently, the Fort Lauderdale, Fla. native participated in the Miami Hurricanes’ Legends Camp in Coral Gables.

“Just them being right down the street from my house and what they are trying to build, what they are trying to bring together,” Jackson told All Hurricanes of Miami. “Then the love they show on top of that. That’s a plus.”

The 6-foot defensive back holds offers from other Power 5 powerhouses such as Alabama and Auburn. He is listed as the 83rd overall prospect and the 9th ranked safety in the country, according to 247Sports.

Miami lands tight end Riley Williams

The Hurricanes struck gold again in their 2023 recruiting class with the commitment of four-star tight end Riley Williams, the No. 2 tight end prospect in the nation, according to On3 Sports.

Miami head coach Mario Cristobal had recruited Williams when he was still the head coach at Oregon.

“One of the biggest reasons I picked Miami was because of the relationships I built and already had with the coaching staff and the way they made me feel like I was a part of the family,” Williams told 247sports. “I was just so familiar with Coach Cristobal and a few other coaches from them being a part of the Oregon staff previous to Miami.”

Williams stands at 6-foot-6 and weighs 230 pounds. Even at his size, he showcases athleticism in his speed and agility after the catch. He also has a unique talent for catching passes that are heavily contested by the defender.

He showed this consistently in his junior year at Central Catholic (Ore.) High School, putting up a stat line of 889 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns on 36 catches. That makes an average of nearly 25 yards per catch and excludes the rushing opportunities he was presented with.

Williams becomes the third tight end to commit to UM in its 2023 recruiting class, joining consensus three-star recruits Reid Mikeska and Jackson Carver. Carver showed his excitement about Williams’s pledge by tweeting that the “Canes are rolling.”

Williams is going to play his senior season at IMG (Fla.) Academy, in the hope of developing his game even more before arriving at Coral Gables.

Four-star ATH Robert Stafford commits to Miami

The Miami Hurricanes added yet another recruit in the 2023 class on Thursday afternoon, as four-star ATH Robert Stafford announced his commitment to the Canes on a 247Sports YouTube livestream.

“It’s a real dynasty over there,” Stafford said on the livestream. “My play style, everything I do, [fits with] the Miami Hurricanes … I feel like coach [Mario] Cristobal is doing something special over there.”

Stafford is ranked as the 12th-best ATH in the country, according to 247Sports, and the 196th best overall player.

Though Stafford has experience on both sides of the field, he is expected to play cornerback for Miami, and his relationship with secondary coach Jahmile Addae heavily influenced his decision.

“Me and [Addae] just clicked,” Stafford said. “I just love coach Addae, everything about him.”

The Melbourne, Fla., native began his football career at his local high school, Eau Gallie, as a wide receiver, where he caught 12 passes for 199 yards and 2 touchdowns in 2020. As a junior, Stafford started getting reps on defense and became a two-way player. This past season, he had 605 receiving yards and five touchdowns on offense while recording 17 tackles, five PBU and an interception on defense in nine games.

A multi-sport athlete who also excels in basketball and track, the 5-foot-11, 171-pound rising senior is one of the most athletic and versatile players out there, with a 4.50 second 40-yard dash and a 34-inch vertical jump.

He had 40+ offers and chose Miami over Arkansas, Kentucky, Oregon and Georgia.

Miami continues to bolster 2023 recruiting class, adds four-star wide receiver Nathaniel Joseph

The Miami Hurricanes made another splash on *insert date* as they secured the commitment of Miami native and four-star wide out Nathaniel Joseph.

Joseph, who decommitted from Clemson on June 14, is ranked as the 16th best receiver and the 105th overall recruit in the 2023 class by 247sports Composite.

The 5-foot-8 receiver was in Coral Gables for his official visit on June 24th. He has also made official visits to Louisville and Clemson.

“Everybody’s doing their job,” Joseph told 305 Sports ahead of his most recent visit to Miami. “[UM head coach Mario] Cristobal texts me all day, all the time. So does [UM offensive coordinator Josh] Gattis … Everybody does their part.”

Joseph attends Miami Edison (Fla.) High School and amassed 632 receiving yards and five touchdowns across nine games in his junior season.

Joseph is the second receiver to commit to UM in the 2023 class, joining four-star athlete Robby Washington. Three-star receiver Lamar Seymore recently decommitted from the Hurricanes.

Four-star QB Jaden Rashada commits to Miami

Four-star QB Jaden Rashada in a Miami Hurricanes uniform via his Instagram.

The Miami Hurricanes snagged their highest-rated quarterback in the 2023 class on Sunday afternoon, as four-star recruit Jaden Rashada announced his commitment to Miami live on CBS Sports HQ after an official visit to Coral Gables last week.

“Miami just felt like home when I went there the second time,” Rashada said on CBS. “Miami is California vibes, so I guess that’s what set it off a little bit. Coach Gattis [and] Coach Cristobal, those are two proven coaches that can show that they’re all about winning.”

Rashada joins three-star prospect Emory Williams, who committed to the Canes on Monday, as the only other signal-caller in the class.

The decision came as no surprise to anyone who follows Miami football. In the past few days, four “lead experts” made crystal ball predictions that Rashada would go to Miami on 247sports.com.

The Pittsburg, Ca. native is listed on 247sports.com as the fifth-ranked quarterback in the country and the 29th overall best player.

With a 6-foot-4, 185-pound frame, Rashada has excelled at the high school level, throwing for 2,220 yards and 27 passing touchdowns this past season at Pittsburg High School. Previously, he attended Liberty High School in Brentwood, Ca., as a freshman, before a brief stint at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. A multi-sport athlete, he also played baseball during high school.

According to scouts, Rashada has incredible arm strength and is mobile, with an ability to avoid the rush and extend plays, giving him time to go through his progressions and make the right throw.

Rashada chose Miami over Southeastern Conference powerhouses like Florida, Texas A&M and LSU, all colleges he visited earlier this month. He becomes the eighth Miami commit in a strong 2023 recruiting class for head coach Mario Cristobal.

Rashada already has high expectations.

“I want to go in there and win my teammates [over] as a player, get their respect,” he said. “After that, it’s just build a relationship and try to become a national championship team. It takes a quarterback to lead that, so that’s what I’m ready to go do.”

Hurricanes land commitment from 2023 three-star quarterback Emory Williams

The Miami Hurricanes continued to build their 2023 recruiting class on Monday as the Milton, Fla. native Emory Williams pledged his commitment to Miami, marking the third recruit to do so in UM’s 2023 recruiting class in the past week.

Williams, who is the first quarterback to commit to UM in the 2023 cycle, held offers from other Power 5 programs such as Indiana and Pittsburgh.

“The coaching staff seems like a lot of great people,” Williams told InsideTheU before his commitment. “There’s a lot of stability in this coaching staff with [Miami head coach Mario] Crisotbal being back. I feel like the fit would be good with the culture, the fans, and the hometown state. That means a lot to me. Plus, it’s Miami. They have a great fan base, great tradition and I would love to carry on the tradition and get Miami where they should be.”

The 6-foot-5 signal caller conducted a private workout several weeks ago with high-ranking members of the Miami coaching staff, including Cristobal and offensive coordinator Josh Gattis.

The Hurricanes’ quarterback room consists of redshirt sophomore Tyler Van Dyke, redshirt freshman Jake Garcia and true freshman Jacurri Brown. Many media outlets project Van Dyke as a first round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

JUCO wide receiver Colbie Young commits to Miami

Miami brought in its second wide receiver transfer commit of the cycle on Sunday morning in the highly touted Colbie Young from Lackawanna (Pa.) Community College.

“The offense is so relatable to Lackawanna, so it’s something I can get down with the playbook and all that,” Young told InsideTheU ahead of his commitment. “The [offensive coordinator] being the receivers coach is honestly a big deal too. Those are a couple of the main reasons. [Miami head coach Mario] Cristobal is a great guy. It felt like family.”

Young is a 6-foot-4, 220-pound receiver that can immediately showcase his athleticism and ability to create space off the line of scrimmage. He also becomes the tallest receiver in the Canes’ wideout room.

“Just being that big guy receiver, taking the top off the defense, drawing double-teams,” Young said regarding what he excels at.

Young certainly proved himself on the JUCO level, having 24 receptions, 472 yards and nine touchdowns in his single season at Lackawanna. His longest reception went for 50 yards, while each reception averaged about 19 yards.

The rising sophomore received many offers, amongst them being from rival Florida State and ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) foes Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh.

A Binghamton, N.Y. native, Young played for the town’s high school, but never received FBS offers. He chose to play for Lackawanna rather than FCS programs (University of Albany and University of Maine), and the decision certainly paid off.

With three years of eligibility left, Young has the potential to contribute heavily over the next couple of years and provides redshirt sophomore quarterback Tyler Van Dyke a great downfield option for this upcoming season.