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Zach Gluckow



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Don’t find yourself – find the good life instead

What are we doing here at college? Or, more specifically, what is the purpose of college? Graduate with a degree? Have fun? Make friends?

Thoughtful conservatism at risk under a Trump presidency

Donald Trump's presidency is a perpetual motion machine of chaos, inanity and vulgarity. Trump’s foreign policy remains opaque, his domestic policy has stalled in...

Neither policy blunders nor hysteria good for border policy

Last week, a defense of President Trump’s immigration policy was published in the Hurricane. The piece offers a sound explanation of security, as well as...

Abuse of executive power should not be tolerated by either side

During President Obama’s tenure, many leftists urged his administration to act unilaterally through executive action to sidestep Republican “obstructionists” in Congress. In many instances,...

Media pundits ‘cried wolf’ on previous Republican candidates

The left’s inability to self-reflect combined with an unfounded sanctimonious attitude have led many left-leaning pundits to blame the outcome of the 2016 election...

How Trump can redeem his campaign mistakes during his presidency

I have been a “Never Trump” conservative/libertarian throughout the entire 2016 election. Unfortunately, forces on both the left and right have allowed Donald Trump...

Two Cents: Last words before the election

In Two Cents, our columnists offer brief takes on current issues. With the presidential election just days away, they give their final thoughts before...

Trump is not conclusion to, but corruption of American conservatism

A column recently appeared in The Miami Hurricane titled “Trump is not divergence from, but conclusion to American conservatism.” The column mischaracterizes the meaning...
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