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Veronica Geoghegan



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Salty Donut co-founder shares experiences as a businesswoman

During the event entitled, "From UM to Donut Empire Entrepreneur," founder Amanda Pizarro said she first got the idea for The Salty Donut in one of her marketing research classes in the business school.

An LGBTQ+ living learning community will house its first residents next fall

"An LLC for the LGBTQ+ on campus means a safe space for students. A space where students know they are respected for all their identities such as their gender identity and their sexual orientation."

Election season puts strain on personal relationships

“I guess I didn’t really know how big of an impact it was going to have on my relationships with people because up until then, politics wasn’t really something I cared about,” Jagolinzer said. “In high school, once I realized I was queer, I started to realize that that was my life that they were talking about, so I have to have a stance.”
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