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Live your one life responsibly

You’ve probably heard Drake’s “The Motto” which repeats you only live once (YOLO) several times. Now, everyone’s shouting out YOLO. YOLO is in a sense this generation’s “carpe diem.” While taking advantage of what life has to offer is important, some people may be taking YOLO too far. It has become common to use YOLO…


To ensure justice, law needs change

Many states have their own interpretations of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law. These laws are in place essentially to allow people to defend themselves when endangered by means that would otherwise be deemed illegal. In addition to allowing people to use force to defend themselves, “Stand Your Ground” can be used as immunity from civil…


Distance shouldn’t hinder assistance

I was on Tumblr one evening and a post from a blog I follow caught my attention. The title of the post read, “Urgent Prayer Request,” and the content was upsetting. The person that I follow is a Christian who lives in the Middle East. Over there, many people are trying to drive all Christians…


Jesus, religion should not be equal

There is a video called “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus” that has been trending on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter for several weeks. It has gotten people talking. Some love the video and feel that it hits the nail on the head, while others consider it to be way off. The video is about…


Social media changes the meaning of school vacations

Winter break for our generation is drastically different from how our parents once spent theirs. Technology has given us the luxury of smart phones, netbooks, tablets and more while our parents had bulky desktop computers, if that, beepers and a land line to talk. With new technology also came the fad of social networks. These…


Sex should stay out of the stacks

Otto G. Richter Library, a.k.a. Club Richter, is our university’s main library in the center of campus. The library’s purpose is for people to study and research. However, some students use the library for other purposes. What makes people decide that it’s a good idea to have sex in the stacks at Richter? For those…


Common courtesy in the laundry room

Laundry: the one chore that you try and put off as long as possible. Some wait until they are down to their very last clothes before they’ll make the trek down to the laundry room. Not wanting to do laundry is understandable; it can be a very stressful experience. For some it’s stressful because they’ve never done their…


Dorm life must include conservation effort

Living away from home in a dorm comes with many responsibilities, like cleaning up your own room, doing laundry and making sure that all of your homework is done. In addition, we all have another responsibility that we may not be aware of: energy conservation. Some may think that since they aren’t the ones paying…


Showing united stand on 9/11

This Sept. 11 marked the 10-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks that changed our world. In order to honor those that lost their lives in the four attacks, during search and rescue, and overseas, a candle light memorial was held on the rock. It was a very emotional gathering, especially as we paused for a…


Plan ahead to make it to class on time

August is here. You know what that means. Back to waking up early, studying, teachers and homework. The first day of school, for some, was full of excitement and nerves, but others saw it just as an interruption of their sleep. Gone, for now, are the days of going to bed at 2 a.m. and…

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