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Seeking alternative funds for tuition

Over the past few years, there has been a steady rise in tuition and a decline in financial aid. Unfortunately, this is going to continue. When looking at your financial aid package this summer, you may see that the dollar amount of scholarships and grants that you usually receive has decreased, or your aid is…


Glitchy technology fails to impress

I once was team Blackberry, until my phone started leaking battery acid. Then, I switched to an Android phone. I was excited because I had heard such great things about the Android operating system. And I was impressed, until it began having issues too. Technology, though helpful and innovative, isn’t made to last. Think back to…


Calendar changes come at a cost

The university recently made changes to the academic calendar. These changes include having a week off during Thanksgiving and an extra vacation day during fall break. I am all for weeklong vacations and four-day weekends, but these changes are going to cost the students. These extra days off had to come from somewhere and they…


Congress needs to grow up

Congress has finally reached a decision on the fiscal cliff, but the way in which the decision was made disturbed me. Are these really adults? Because the way that they were behaving was reminiscent of high school behavior. The Republicans and Democrats are drifting further from the middle and closer to the extremes of each…


Adjusting to new school doesn’t have to be hard

To the exchange students, transfer students and members of the class of 2016 that are just joining us, welcome to the University of Miami! Choosing Miami was a great decision. You may be feeling lost or a little overwhelmed because it seems like everyone else already has UM all figured out. I will admit, it’s…


Religious tolerance could prevent unrest

Recently, a film was made in the U.S. mocking the prophet Mohammed. This video resulted in riots, and American lives were lost. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other embassy employees died in Libya as the consulate came under attack. Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador to die in the line of duty since 1979. Both…


Romney writes off 47 percent of American voters

Recently, the public got a hold of a video that was recorded at a Mitt Romney fundraiser in Boca Raton . In the video, Romney said 47 percent of Americans don’t pay income taxes and consider themselves victims who feel entitled to receive government assistance . He went on to say that he would never…


Culture shock could affect students

Miami is unique. It has a distinctive culture that sets it apart from the rest of the world. Mirriam-Webster defines culture shock as “a sense of confusion or uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect those that are exposed to a foreign culture without proper preparation.” Going to any foreign country can be…


Chick-fil-A president deserves free speech

During the past month, a lot of news coverage has centered on Chick-fil-A’s view on same sex unions, but its president, Dan Cathy, continues to support the biblical definition of marriage. The first amendment right to freedom of speech applies to everyone. Cathy should be allowed to voice his opinion on such topics and policies…


Summertime opens up doors, offers opportunities

School’s out and we’re now faced with three months of vacation time. Don’t spend the summer stuck at home all day. There are a variety of other options for students. One way to have a productive summer is to get a part-time job. Many people don’t want to work during the summer because they think…

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