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The View: Telltale signs of finals season, as told by Scandal

It’s mid-April. You ask yourself how next week is the last week of classes. You are suddenly bombarded with projects, papers, presentations and an...

The View: The Start of Second Semester as told by “New Girl”

Since returning home for the winter break, it feels like forever since we’ve been at school and done anything productive. Second semester isn’t just...

The View: 26 signs you watch too much HGTV

You start to identify shows by the couples that star in it. Chip and Joanna are like your TV mom and dad... ...and...

The View: 3 political TV shows as dramatic as Election 2016

It’s hard to ignore the parallels that can easily be drawn between reality and some of our favorite political-based TV shows. The headlines shown...

The View: Celebrity Halloween costume superlatives

In my opinion, Instagram was created for the sole purpose of October 31. Halloween is the perfect excuse to get creative and prove to...

The View: Give Netflix a break with these hilarious books

I get it – you’re a college student. The thought of reading makes you cringe because you immediately think about the dusty textbook you...

The View: The life of Olivia Pope through Instagram

If our favorite fictional, white hat-wearing D.C. powerhouse Olivia Pope had an Instagram account, we’d hit the follow button faster than you could say...

The View: Musical throwbacks that will make your day

It’s sometimes hard to believe that the early 2000s are far behind us. Let’s look back a decade to around 2006 with this list...

The View: TV series premieres coming this fall

With the fall semester comes a set of series premieres to take up your weekdays. Sure, watching Netflix for six straight hours every day...
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