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Latest news

Former UM professor arrested for child porn

Last month, Diego Fasolini a former visiting professor at the University of Miami from 2008-2009, was arrested and charged in federal court for possession of child pornography.

Possibility to reduce water use

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has granted $2 million towards the development of a self-sufficient, zero-waste water system to be constructed in UM dorms.

Coming out for equality, fighting intolerance

In a period of three weeks, six gay teens committed suicide and two anti-gay attacks occurred. These tragic events have forced the nation as a whole to examine bullying and harassment of the gay community.

Six sororities stroll off for a cause

A new competition featuring synchronized dancing will take place Friday night as a way to strengthen ties between traditional Greek sororities and the historically black and Hispanic Greeks.

Commuters crave convenient parking

Is it luck or skill? No, I’m not talking about our football team; I’m talking about finding parking, especially at the north end of campus where more of the classroom buildings are located.

Kappa Kutz for donations

Monday, September 20th, UM’s chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi hosted “Kappa Kutz.” Freshmen males were invited for a free haircut by Steven Rivera, owner of Get Right Kutz in downtown Miami. Rivera is also known as the UM football team’s barber.

SAE vandalism update

Graffiti was found on the walls and on the breezeway walls between the main house and the rear portion of the property in yellowish paint, which contained the initials of other fraternities and other vulgar words indicating a certain part of a female body.

Office of Disability Services lends a hand

Thierry Djemmo, a rising senior business major, is an A student who always takes notes in his classes. In his Finance 320 last semester, however,...

Healthy vending machines the new trend

Healthy vending machines have revolutionized snacking. Chips and cookies are no longer the only option. Now, anyone can choose from a variety of fruits or...

New smoking fee may help to kick the habit

Beginning in the fall, a $50 per semester surcharge will be added to the university health insurance plan of students who smoke. Students will...

Extra $50 charge to be added to premium per semester

Beginning fall semester of 2010, a $50 per semester surcharge will be added to students who smoke and are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan through UnitedHealthCare.

UM celebrates 40 years of Earth Day

Set to begin with numerous community events, Earth Day is being celebrated at the University of Miami with a number of activities hosted by student organizations that promote environmental sustainability.
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