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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Ramon Galiana

News Editor


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Lessons in going beyond the book

Academics are more than just cracking open books and regurgitating ideas on a midterm. Funded by a donation from alumna Jill Viner, the College of...

Learning from the University of Miami’s leader

In 1962, a Peace Corps volunteer began her two-year visit to southern Iran to teach English to locals in a small village. She wanted...

Professional schools on rise

Despite economic pressures to cut funding and other challenges facing the university, two of UM’s professional schools and one program continue to improve. According to...

‘STAY’: UMPD’s new safety emergency plan

The next time the Coral Gables campus is flooded with red and blue lights, it won’t just be up to the police to...

News Briefs

Commencement speakers announced

A walk through injustices around the world

Oftentimes, it would seem that the worst cases of malicious oppression happen in distant countries and far-away lands. One event will allow hundreds of students to experience the consequences of pressing human issues here on campus.

Arizona’s new law ineffective

With the signature of Gov. Jan Brewer, Arizona legalized three things: distrust amongst local police and the state’s 790,000 foreign-born residents, racial profiling and an ineffective policy.

News briefs

The University of Miami was ranked No. 1 among charitable organizations that consecutively rank with four-stars, according to Charity Navigator. This year marks the tenth consecutive year that UM receives a four-star rating.

Communicating about life in Cuba

Communicating freedom isn’t an easy task. Yet, a group of students didn’t stop from trying.

Trespasser seen on campus

On Monday, April 19 at approximately 12:45 p.m., the University of Miami Police Department issued an e-mail “safety alert” to the university community about a former student who is banned on all UM campuses.

News Briefs 4-19

Greeks die for a cause

Celebrate at the end of semester carnival

On Friday, the UC Green isn’t going to be the usual site of tranquility that it is known to be.
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