Patrick Quinlan


Invest in academics rather than aesthetics

It’s hard not to notice the construction on campus. Chances are, unless you’re the rare fan of lengthy detours or booming and blaring power tools, you haven’t taken too kindly to this construction, especially around the almost-finished $20 million Student Activities Center (SAC). Unfortunately, such a scene is common across any institution of higher education…


Science, humanities intertwined

Francis Crick, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, once said, “It is notoriously difficult to define the word ‘living.’” In college, our main goal is precisely to try and define living, to help us know more about ourselves and the world around us. But in the descriptions we apply to how we do this, we…


High voter turnout elects Chavez again

The long and divisive election season is over, and while the incumbent seems to have lost much of the revolutionary charm he had when first elected, Hugo Chavez has been granted another six-year term by the voters in Venezuela. Chavez, known to most Americans as the fiery opponent of the “Devil,” George W. Bush, has…


Poor governance plagues African miners

I know I should focus on the election, hourly poll updates, sound bytes and other important pieces of news. That’s why I’m watching South Africa so closely. On Aug. 10 at a platinum mine in South Africa, miners went on strike to protest for a wage increase of $1,500 a month. Police were sent to…


Gold standard does not equal golden economy

The Republican National Convention in Tampa has done some official “party business” that required a massive garish ceremony; namely nominating Mitt Romney and establishing a platform that Republicans will try to follow. The GOP has apparently found logic to be a job-killer and calls for inquiry into a gold standard or “metallic basis” for the…

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