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Essential workers at UM gather in protest of low wages ahead of contract negotiations

“¡Candela Candela, aquí no habrá candela!” or “Flames, flames, here there won’t be flames!” rang through the air following an impassioned speech from one student protester.

The Miami Hurricane launches new visually driven website

“The photos are really at the forefront, everything looks super crisp and modern,” said Hurricane Editor in Chief Anna Timmons.

A look back on the lives lost and changed by COVID-19

After more than a year of living with COVID-19, students share their stories of hardship and grief as the U.S. continues its march toward 600,000 deaths.

COVID testing not required for those administering tests

UM has prioritized student testing, mandating weekly tests for all students taking on-campus classes, while some staff have been told to test only when exhibiting symptoms.

Students feel ‘unsafe’ after UM permits 300 Trump signs on campus

“I’m scared for what’s going to happen next on this campus."

‘I’m pro choice. Pick your gun’: Political signs on campus spark debate about free speech

“Not a lot of people feel comfortable voicing their opinions on campus, and we kind of wanted to have a big broad flashy advertising for them, and I mean, as you can tell, it worked spectacularly."

After Trump poster defaced on campus, Frenk decries vandals’ actions

A Trump poster was hung on campus and promptly defaced. The poster being defaced was met with mixed reactions from students across campus. One vandal was tracked down by the University of Miami Police Department and the actions have been publicly denounced by Julio Frenk.

Sybrina Fulton speaks to UM about getting involved in social justice movements

“We need to groom our young people now, and I put all of my faith in the young people."

Frost student receives national recognition from Ecuadorian government

"Fabian has a natural instinct for conducting, and he’s very musical, which means when he waves his arms around, you can feel the music coming out of him.”
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