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Bicyclists complain about lack of infrastructure at UM

“I almost f**king hit a squirrel.”

#rawchickenattheU spreads on Twitter as students raise complaints against UM dining

A University of Miami student recently took to social media after she was served raw chicken by the on-campus dining vendor, Burger305. On Wed. Nov....

‘American Dream’ dean Anthony Varona heads UM Law School

“This was the very first nomination that I received where I felt viscerally that I had to pursue the opportunity, one that taps all of my experience and skills.”

What does Homecoming mean to U?

The Miami Hurricane asked members of the UM community what Homecoming means to them. Here's what they had to say about the significance of...

‘Overworked, overloaded’ janitorial staff protesting employer ABM

“The university has such little respect for the fact that we are also human beings and that we also have rights and deserve a normal life”

Global Lebanese protests makes their way to Miami

“I’d be sitting in my classes, but my heart and soul is on the ground with the people in my country, as they peacefully protest for a life they truly deserve,” Abdelnour said.

LSAT goes digital, eliciting mixed responses from pre-law students

“There’s something nice about being able to write, cross-out and annotate on paper,” Rodriguez said.

Around the world in 5 nights: COISO celebrates diversity at UM

Students traveled around the world with COISO to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia, learning about the beauty in different cultures but also on the unity that ties all humans together.

Diversify your fall schedule with these courses

Calling all green thumbs and beach bums: Got 3 credits to spare? Check out these classes for fall enrollment.

COISO offers a week ‘beyond the borders’

"Culture is so rich, but we can’t always see it."

Governor announces appointment of UM law school alumnae to judicial court

“I was confident that they had the integrity, the intellect, the appreciation of the important role that judges play, but also the limited role that judges play, as well as an appreciation for the separation of powers,” said DeSantis.

UMTV’s SportsDesk awarded a College Television Award

“This has never been done in the history of SportsDesk; it was monumental.”
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