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Nicole Spiteri



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Connect with your professors

They’re weird, crabby and awkward. They’re not like us.  They’re our professors. As students, we often write our professors off and speak to them as...

The perpetual quest for an education

After three years at the University of Miami, four changes to my major and countless tests, papers and projects, reality is finally beginning to...

New year to bring new resolutions

This is a new year, which means new beginnings, new classes, new relationships and new memories.  We take the memories that are stashed in...

Stereotyping interferes with meeting new people

I am from Lawng Eyeland. I open and close draws, drink wooter and like my cawfee dark. Now, as the reader, many things may...

Limited study abroad options force student to seek alternatives

This past year, I was the happiest I have ever been. For four months, I lived in Valencia, Spain, and traveled to seven different...
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