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Nicole Adlman

Contributing EDGE Writer


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Food watching may provide virtual satisfaction

Food porn may be the only form of paraphernalia you don’t have to hide from your parents.

Gameday Gear: All about wearing the right colors to represent the U

It’s that time again: break out the scissors, body glitters and paint, the first home game of the season is right around the corner and it’s all about the gear. Turn these top five trends into your go-to game day style.

Click for the dish

Check out these six drool-inducing food blogs that will make you want to don a chef’s hat and dive into the kitchen.

NY Fashion Week wrap-up

This week, new fall runway trends swept the streets of New York City and, like after any windstorm, fashion followers were left to pick up...

Dressing up with cutting-edge fashion

Monthly magazines beware: style blogs are a free and easy outlet for fashion fiends to get their daily fix, and there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re man repelling, a style rookie, or just a sucker for a good deal, these five blogs will feed the fashion hunger in you.

Holiday gift guide

‘Tis the season for everyone but your wallet: With so many people to shop for, and so little time, what’s a college kid to do? Follow this guide for gifts that are thrifty but nifty, but look out for the occasional splurge item (if you’re feeling financially festive). In the season of giving, there’s something for everyone.

Music Minute: Holiday Playlist

When you step in the house after a long fall semester, take nothing for granted: the massive tree or twinkling menorah, your parents’ cooking and the unmatched warmth of your home. Lastly, deck the halls while listening to your favorite holiday (or just plain favorite) lyrics.

Music Minute: Thanksgiving edition

Before you stuff your face with turkey, stuff your iPod with these cool tunes for the flight or car ride home.

Kik – The New Text-nology

In a marriage more salacious than the one documented on TLC’s “Sister Wives,” Kik, an alternative messaging application for avid texters, has forged a union between Android, iPhone and BlackBerry users.

Music Minute: Halloween Edition

Make sure your fright-night pregame playlist is as freaky as the costumes you’ll be stumbling in later.

New York Fashion Week Recap: Hot Summer Trends Hit Lincoln Center

In the 2009 documentary “The September Issue,” Style.com’s Candy Pratts Price famously quipped, “September is the January of fashion.” If that is the case, than this month’s New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center, the first since the switch from Bryant Park, was a beautiful and boisterous ringing in of the New Year. Here are the top five trends to look out for this coming spring, and the designers who made them center stage.


In the last decade, fashion has charged forward into the lives of ordinary people. Today, with a new generation of writers who show off their sartorial tastes in blogs and fully integrated Web magazines, fashion can be at anyone's fingertips.
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