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UM students affected, devastated by Australian wildfires

The Australian bushfires have been utterly devastating. The scope of the cataclysmic natural disaster has been record-breaking in many ways; Australia is being ravaged by the worst wildfires seen in decades.

What does Homecoming mean to U?

The Miami Hurricane asked members of the UM community what Homecoming means to them. Here's what they had to say about the significance of...

Distraction, Ibis recognized nationally by College Media Association, Associated Collegiate Press

“We’re a publication that holds its own among other publications across the country.”

Protesting for ‘justice and dignity’: ABM workers march down campus

“It’s only just that I reclaim my rights and that I support my coworkers in their job”

‘Overworked, overloaded’ janitorial staff protesting employer ABM

“The university has such little respect for the fact that we are also human beings and that we also have rights and deserve a normal life”

Local youth demand climate justice from government

“Someone once said every storm starts with one drop, and I think today is one of those drops.”

Construction on intramural fields elicits mixed reactions

"This is the first time the outdoor fields behind the Wellness Center will be completely renovated,” said executive director of the Herbert Wellness Center, Scott Levin.

Whitely Women’s Leadership Symposium empowers students to pursue professional aspirations

“I left feeling more united with other women and recognized that the challenges I face, I never face alone”

Birds of a feather flock together: Duck couple creates buzz on campus

“They were to be together forever, and they were more in love than I’ve ever seen any human couple”

Gloria Estefan opens Women Leaders of the Americas forum

“Music crosses cultures and barriers and religions, and it has enriched me in so many ways.”

Centennial Village to provide modern on-campus living for future freshmen

The freshmen towers will soon make way for a transformative new era of on-campus housing.
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