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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Michael Spears

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Ant infestation and pests an issue for students

Ants and other pests are often seen by students crawling from the walking paths and green space to the residential dorms.

Semester at Sea

Junior Dave Korn first heard about Semester at Sea last spring through a student in his anthropology class. He had been interested in studying abroad but was still uncertain about where he wanted to study.

Zipcar may expand to Mahoney/Pearson lot, students question car availability

Three months after it launched on campus, the car-sharing program Zipcar is planning to expand its services of providing transportation needs to students in need of rental cars.

Hectic college life a cause of student sleep aid abuse

Balancing homework, studying, and extracurricular activities has caused many students to develop erratic sleeping patterns and to resort to sleeping aids for relief.
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