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Friday, May 7, 2021

Melanie Martinez



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Millennials should vote despite youth

I was walking out of my Zumba class when I came across a disturbing quote online from a Fox News host. During a discussion about...

Halloween costumes comment on person behind mask

Remember going house to house yelling "trick-or-treat" and scurrying away in the costume your mom bought or made for you, bag filled with candy...

Embrace fear to live life to the fullest

Last Wednesday night, I nearly crashed my car into a palm tree. I was on my way to emergency chapter when I received a...

Avoid labels to embrace understanding

She’s a b*tch. He’s assertive. She’s crazy. He’s expressive. It’s a war of words, and women are losing. If I had a dollar for each...

Genders have equal control of life and love

"Diana, Bianca, Christine ...” Hearing my professors complete roll call makes me feel like I’m back in my all-girls high school. Minus the nuns....

Be thankful for being a UM student

These are the top five reasons that I'm thankful for being a University of Miami student. 5. Palm trees How many college students can say that...

Appreciate online expression in U.S.

These days, everyone has some sort of online outlet for expression, whether it is a blog, Facebook profile or Twitter account, social media lets...
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