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Escape proves vital for upholding causes

On March 25, President Barack Obama announced the development of what he calls “a workable proposal” to address concerns of excessive surveillance raised by...

Sunglasses start-up snaps into action

UM alumni Ari Schiftan and Evan Asher launched an online crowd-funding campaign on March 12 to bring their product SnapShades to retail in 2014....

Minimum wage needs raise

Recently, President Barack Obama addressed a crowd at a fundraising event hosted at the Miami mansion of NBA legend Alonzo Mourning: “How do we...

Pipeline project conflicts with fight against climate change

This spring, President Barack Obama will decide whether to approve the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. The decision will be a litmus test...

Clinton is not the answer for needed reform

You may not have heard, but the 2016 presidential election has already been decided. Almost three years out of the primary, Hillary Clinton is...
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