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Best local spots to watch theatrical shows

Whether you’re tired of re-watching the same old shows on Netflix, searching for a classier spot for a date night or hunting for something...

‘Visiting Hours’ poses heavy drama, little depth

The cover of the program for the New Theatre’s production of “Visiting Hours” poses the question: Can parents ever escape the guilt for the...

‘Assassins’ strikes at the American dream with stunning play

In school, we study the presidents and the legacies they leave. But what about those with a darker legacy? For some, the land of...

‘End of the Rainbow’ shines in its tragedy

There are few cultural figures who are more admired and adored by the American public than Judy Garland. Viewers across the country and the...

Must-see shows take audience on emotional roller coaster

"Making God Laugh" Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” It’s a typically wry quip from the...

Four-person cast tackles relatable themes in “Knowledge and Noise”

As any college student could tell you, choosing what you’re going to do with the rest of your life is probably the most stressful...

Retro musical features comedic, refreshing actors

Think back on your senior prom. The music was probably bad, everyone sported cheap, rented tuxes or overly expensive dresses, and calling the action...

Play takes comedy to explore pain

Blue lights fade in, outlining the deer’s profile in vivid silhouette across the top of the theater. Brakes screech. It’s an arresting visual and...

Small-town classic takes Miami Springs

Two men. Twenty characters. One Texas community bursting with personality, gossip and a touch of satirical insanity. If you’re looking for a light evening...
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