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Monday, June 14, 2021

MacKenzie Green

Contributing EDGE Writer


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Get an old-school trim at Primo’s Barber Shop

The service menu features cuts, hot lather shaves and the men's grooming products. Primo’s Barber Shop aims to take customers back to a time where taking care of how you look was part of being a man.

Review: iMinds, knowledge for inquisitive minds

iMinds is a Web site with short audio books and e-books designed to make general knowledge more accessible. It’s also aimed at making learning new things everyday, more achievable.

Costumes: from Disney to freaky

Remember when Halloween was a time we begged our moms for the latest super hero or Disney princess costume, and we dreamt of hayrides, haunted houses, and the candy we would score? Ah, those were the good old days.

DC swank to Coral Gables street cred

Let me start by stating I am a BAP. It stands for "Black American Princess". I grew up on the mean streets of the “Gold Coast” of Washington, DC. I am not street savvy, and I have not an ounce of "street cred". I was raised like any true card carrying prep in a gated community, riding horses, lunching at the country club and summering on some exotic beach.

Decorating a new dorm room

Moving into a dorm can feel like a prison sentence…come to think of it the characters on “Oz” may have had more square footage in their cells – but never fear there is a solution to make that small space feel like home.

Oh, the place you have come

It seems like just yesterday I arrived on campus. I admittedly am no Dr. Phil, but I am a senior who has experienced more than I ever fathomed.

And your new Miss Palm Beach County USA is…

Linnie Clara Supall was crowned Miss Palm Beach County USA almost a month ago. Supall, a recent UM graduate, had won Miss Congeniality, and had conceded that whatever else happened after that was up to fate. But as fate would have it, Supall was crowned winner of the title.

Vin Diesel revving up again for ‘Fast and Furious’

Vin Diesel is every bit the man he is assumed to be. But digging deeper, Diesel is more than an assumption based on the physical.

John Cena goes “12 Rounds” with The Miami Hurricane

WWE wrestler and movie star John Cena sat down with The Miami Hurricane to discuss his new movie, 12 Rounds.

Movie Review: ’12 Rounds’

From the director of "Die Hard 2" - Renny Harlin, and the producer of "Speed," Mark Gordon, comes the new action film "12 Rounds."

‘Fast and Furious’ thrills but doesn’t think

For those who loved the first movie, were impartial to the second movie, and did not get the third movie, "Fast and Furious" is the sequel that should have been made in the first place.

GoMaRvelous hopes to take music world by storm

Walking to the Rock on a chaotic Sunday afternoon, one would not notice Marvin "Marvelous" Henderson in the middle of the crowd at first glance. But sit down and have a conversation with Henderson and his unforgettable alter-ego GoMaRvelous emerges.
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