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Winged Captain America character soars

Amid the sea of superheroes, supersoldiers and superspies featured in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” the character who stands out is not the bionic arm menace or the star-studded hunk. It’s the one with the positive attitude and the killer wings who still makes breakfast for his friends. An everyday guy who works at the…

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“Generation War” shakes to the core

A German film about WWII sounds like just another history lesson on the tragedy of war. Yet “Generation War” courageously reinvigorates the familiar story with the “I-need-to-know-what-happens-next” relevance usually reserved for a favorite TV show. Enlisting its viewers on the fraying journeys of five best friends through the course of the war’s span, the film…


Facebook prevents authentic interaction

It is never too late for a new resolution. Like breaking any other habit, it may be difficult at first, but over time it is mind-liberating, time-granting and privacy-restoring. Facebook emphasizes the consumerism in all of us, except, instead of promoting consumption for enrichment, it leads to the consumption of ourselves. We erode our own…

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Senior caves into theater production

For most seniors, a thesis requires hours of sitting in the library, researching and writing up their findings. But for senior Lauren Coghlan, it meant constructing a cave inside the Ring Theater for the production of “Floyd Collins.” Based on the true story of a man trapped in a Kentucky cave which led to extensive…


Zoo’s choice raises questions

Zookeepers and animal lovers worldwide have responded to the recent controversy of the Copenhagen Zoo’s euthanizing of a healthy, 18-month-old giraffe. Shot and autopsied as an educational event for adults and children, it was then fed to tigers. It is difficult not to feel discomfort at seeing the dissection of such a majestic animal. However,…


“The Lego Movie” entertains audiences of all ages

Despite what you may think, “The Lego Movie” is more for adults than it is for kids. In fact, it parodies films we associate with our childhood, like “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings.” Instead of following the classic hero’s journey, it manipulates that formula by twisting it into a non-hero journey. Emmet is the…

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