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Letter to the Editor: Leave Afghanistan? Not so fast…

For a war that has seen eight years of grueling combat, cost 1,528 coalition and approximately 15,000 civilian lives, caused incalculable damage to the gubernatorial and economic infrastructures, and presented a significant threat to global peace and security, Mr. Medina’s suggestion to “leave Afghanistan” seems a tad hasty.

Letter to the Editor: Segway security guard article unfair

As a student patrol aide (aka ridiculous segway guard), I found Evan Seaman's uninformed diatribe about security to be most irresponsible and disturbing.

Letter to the Editor: India article spot-on

I read the piece published about the prejudices against India, and I have to say that I was truly impressed and pleased that this article came out.

Letter to the Editor: Avoid H1N1 with common sense

As a Personal Trainer at the Wellness Center and a senior majoring in Exercise Physiology, I would just like to express my concern for the overall health of the University community...

Letter to the Editor: Rape article extremely misleading

I write to strongly object to an editorial decision about a news item on page 2 of the September 10 Hurricane.

Letter to the Editor: Canes aren’t classy

The writer of last week’s, Stay Classy, Miami, has no idea what it means to be a Hurricane football fan. I hate FSU as much as the next psycho-passionate, borderline deranged ‘Cane, but you can’t slam them for using our “U” in a derogatory word, or flying “thUg” signs.

Letter to the Editor: Hurry ‘Canes Shuttles embarrassment to university

Last week, I arrived at the University of Miami to begin work toward a master’s degree in multimedia journalism in the School of Communication. I was immediately provoked by a prodigious punctuation error that is disturbing not only in its grammatical magnitude (really bad), but also in its physical dimension (in letters about five feet tall) and geographical reach (all over campus!).

Letter to the Editor: A student’s proposal for Ibis Ride safety

I think we should have a Transportation Security Assistant. A mix between the current Student Government volunteers, an RA, and a Security Assistant all in one. I think whoever is in charge of "hosting" the Safe Ride should also have the power AND knowledge to enforce University policies. Afterall, isn't the Ibis Ride University property?

Letter to the Editor: Genetically-modified food needs better monitoring

For the past decade, genetically modified organisms, more commonly referred to as GMO’s, has been a highly debated subject. One big topic on these genetically altered crops has been the labeling of these when used in our foods.

Letter to the Editor: Election on Tuesday provides unique opportunity for UM students

As some of you may know, this Tuesday is Coral Gable’s biennial City Commission election.

Letter to the Editor: Criticism of student death coverage

We as the UM community have had an unfortunate semester due to the loss of two bright and gifted students. I knew both Scott Monat and Michael Anderson

Letter to the Editor: Decision to remove Ibis Ride irrational, dangerous

Somebody should lose their job over the irrational decision to take away the students safe ride home.
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