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Friday, May 7, 2021

Laura Vander Meiden



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Plans for big-name chain stores endanger rare species

While students were away for the summer, the University of Miami sold 88 acres of one of Florida’s rarest ecosystems to Ram Realty Services...

Two-year project nears end

The end is in sight for a two-year long construction project at the University of Miami’s RSMAS campus as the project enters its final...

Society studies, watches campus’ feathered friends

Sebastian the Ibis is no longer the big bird on campus. With the creation of a university birdwatching club this semester, all of University of...

Ungar houses sustainable vertical garden

The Green Wall, a vertical garden planted last August inside the Ungar Building, was once green and flourishing. Over the course of the last semester,...

Professor, scientist reels in shark research

A typical Bahamian vacation includes sunny beaches, fruity drinks and ultimate relaxation. But not for one University of Miami professor. Neil Hammerschlag, shark scientist, spends...

Ocean Awareness Week sheds light on the seven seas

Senior Lee Qi, a marine science major, sampled lionfish at the Rock Monday afternoon. “It doesn’t taste very fishy,” he said. “It kind of tastes...

Marine mentorships made possible through networking

Senior Kat Ternus has been through it all. Over the course of her time at the University of Miami, Ternus has worked in three different...

SCUBA members look into aiding disabled divers

The University of Miami SCUBA Club may be gearing up to lend a helping hand to students with disabilities by training them and then...
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