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Kanye West brings much-needed diversity to runway fashion

Like Hollywood, the fashion industry is scrutinized for being “white-washed.” Legions of Caucasian women strut down runways across the world, with just a few...

Zayn Malik’s departure incites controversy, rumors

Each generation experiences that one, unforgettable day when they first hear the news. For our grandparents, it was when the Beatles broke up, and our parents...

Stars use technology to maximize profits

Kim Kardashian has become omnipresent in the media. Her famous alliterative name is attached to countless products, including diet pills, workout DVDs, perfume, beauty...

Lack of diversity in film calls for change in casting

The Academy Awards are trademarked by many things – glitz, glamour, gowns and excruciatingly long speeches. In recent years, the annual ceremony seems to...

Rock-heavy ‘FOUR’ proves One Direction is not slowing down soon

If the only image you have of One Direction is their chubby, baby faces singing about how you don’t know you’re beautiful, then it’s...

Instant entertainment leaves little to appreciate

“Instantaneous” can practically define our generation. Gone are the days of waiting around for the things we want. If a YouTube video is over...

Diva status is earned, not given

At this year’s On The Run Tour, featuring Jay-Z and his superstar wife Beyonce, “Don’t worry, be Yonce” was a popular shirt of concert-goers....

Fangirl passion has its positives

This October, the British pop boy band known as One Direction is coming to Miami. The audience at the sold-out show will be the...

Mainstream media should take extra mile

Every summer, a new slew of movies comes out looking to draw huge crowds to become the next big summer blockbuster. But more often...
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