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Joshua W. Newman



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The art and consumption of stripping is redefined in the technological age

Stripper. That eight letter word carries so many connotations.

In honor of the legend himself

The legend himself, Robert Nesta Marley, was honored all day Saturday at the Caribbean Festival in downtown Miami at Bayfront Park.

Break the control… step away from the screen

The entertainment industry controls our lives. Our clothes, our speech, our actions, our interactions - all based on television and movie characters, scenarios, soundtracks. Our emulation of these idealistic morals and values has gone so far over the top that some people get trapped and simply don't know where to go.

A note from opinion editor Joshua W. Newman

Although it may seem as though my aggressive column regarding the bomb threat was cold-hearted or evil, I would like to try and put your mind at ease.

Overreacting to a kind care package

This is one possible theory as to what really happened the night of the bomb scare.

Keep a close watch on your wallet

Be a smart college student; don't blow your money on unnecessary expenditures.
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