Jordan Lewis


Campus should exercise civic duty

The 2012 elections may be over, but our work is not done yet. Tuesday is Election Day for Coral Gables, and I urge you to stay civically engaged and vote. In essence, all politics are local, and we have the chance to make a difference. Ross Hancock is running for group two city commissioner, and…


Re-elect Democrats to continue progress

Election Day is Nov. 6. On that day, I urge you to re-elect President Barack Obama for his strong record of job creation and support of education. I hope that you will also re-elect Sen. Bill Nelson for his strong record of supporting the middle class. I encourage you to vote to retain our Florida…


US relationship with Israel a key, but overlooked issue

In the next few weeks, we will hear President Obama and Gov. Romney debate on a litany of issues including the economy, energy, healthcare and foreign policy. One issue that will not receive such a spotlight, but is of great importance, is the U.S. relationship with Israel. Israel is a representative democracy in the Middle…


Nuclear Iran proves to be threat

I ran must not get a nuclear weapon. It would completely reshape the power balance in the Middle East and put the United States in danger. Iranian President Ahmadinejad is an unstable and vicious tyrant. When his people rebelled against what was thought to be a corrupt electoral victory, Ahmadinejad’s regime hunted down the protestors…


Romney seems out of touch with ordinary Americans

Mitt Romney is not the solution to today’s job crisis, but rather part of the problem. Born to wealthy industrialist George Romney, Mitt was born on third base, thinking he’d hit a triple. In 1984, Mitt co-founded Bain Capital, a private equity firm that acquired struggling companies and turned them around for profit. Bain would…

Who is Marco Rubio?

Who is Marco Rubio?

Who is Marco Rubio? This is the question so many Floridians ask today. Republicans claim that he is a “Reagan Conservative.” Tea Partiers claim that he is one of them: anti-incumbent and opposed to Big Government.

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