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Faculty and student protestors question UMPD surveillance efforts

After the "die-in" protest on campus, nine undergraduate and graduate students who attended received an email about a meeting with Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Ryan Holmes regarding their attendance at the protest. Yet, many did not understand how they were identified.

UM contract workers, faculty stage ‘die-in’ protest demanding response from administration over safety concerns amid the pandemic

Many of the protestors laid down to symbolize dead bodies, holding signs that represent gravestones that called on UM to take action. Faculty members chanted, “I cannot teach if I die,” and “my students are getting sick.”

Tik Tok video shows UM students partying in dorms

This screenshot from a Tik Tok video is one of multiple social media posts that have shown UM students partying in close confines.

Student-created app to help Canes connect

Eureka Match aims to connect students with different skill sets and backgrounds to the user's benefit. For example, a theater major who might need help marketing themselves could get in touch with a marketing student, or a computer science major who is looking for legal input would be put in touch with a law student.

‘Money Talks’ program encourages financial literacy

Launched last spring, UM’s Money Management Program aims to educate students about budgeting, credit cards, loans and more.

Students assemble care packages for soldiers during Homecoming week

“The happiest days are when a care package arrives,” said Derek Auguste, veteran and president of VSO. “It touches you in the heart and gives you a sense that you're not forgotten.”

Monumental philanthropy brings new name to Miami Business School

“I believe naming gifts really set the basis for a legacy that will last in perpetuity,” President Julio Frank said in a statement. “The Herberts are associating their name and legacy with the future of the Business School.”

UM expands online class offerings

“It gives students a lot of flexibility,” said Manuel Sicre, a full time lecturer at the Miami Business School who was among the first faculty members to start teaching online courses at UM. “All they need is a computer and an internet connection, and they can participate.”
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