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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Jenny Hamilton

Contributing Columnist


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Locally grown foods now available on campus

Students looking for a place to buy healthier, locally grown vegetables and fruits will not have to search any longer. The wait is over. A...

Preparation pays off in life

Preparedness by definition means “a state of readiness.” In reality, it means “life is much simpler.”

Don’t limit classes too early, think outside of your major

I entered college with the ambition of graduating in journalism. I figured out by my senior year of high school that any career involving math or science were completely out of the picture. Then there was the possibility of being a teacher, but after long consideration, I knew I didn’t have the patience for teaching rambunctious 5-year olds or angsty teenagers. So that left journalism as an option. I have always enjoyed writing and if you know me, I could talk for days.

Don’t compare depression to suicide

Depression. That word will scare off the nearest date within earshot. But why are we so afraid of something that is very common? Just because...

Valentine’s Day is a waste of a holiday

Valentine’s Day, the most pointless day of the year. It is simply a ploy for couples to argue over whether or not to buy gifts, where to go for dinner, and for single people to mope over how miserable their single lives are.

Miami Road Rage

The horror of driving to Downtown Miami from Coral Gables in 5 p.m. traffic is closely related to that of falling off the roof of a 10-story building. Traffic laws are a joke to most drivers, so lawful drivers must drive like maniacs themselves to avoid disaster. Basically, if you want to be safe, drive unsafely.

New Year, no resolutions

I tend to take a very skeptical and cynical look on life. I just find pessimism can make things easier than the always disappointing and unmet optimisms. Crucify me for saying it, but I honestly see no way the government will be less corrupt, there will never be world peace, and I don’t see being alone for the rest of your life as miserable, but welcoming.

Life is too short: Holding on to what you’ve got

On November 3, 2010, two simple words shattered my countenance. “Olivia died” are the only two words in the body of an e-mail with the subject line titled “crying” from Alicia, Olivia’s little sister.

Cane Crawl offers discounts at Grove

Three Miami Belen Jesuit Preparatory school graduates want to make Black Friday this year a night to remember.

Buy bread for a cause

Every Friday, a group of UM students plan to be at the UC breezeway, selling Challah bread to raise money for Darfur and Kosher Meals on Wheels the Miami area.

Students to find love on cyberspace

Set to launch December of 2010, the University Date Finder will be available to the areas of South Florida and New York.

Cheating on reality with technology

Everybody is affected by technology. But the truth is that technology has greatly inhibited our ability to communicate with people. We do not call. We text. We do not send letters. We e-mail. We do not make friends. We Facebook stalk them.
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