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Jarrod Houseknecht



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REVIEW: Doja Cat drops debut album ‘Hot Pink,’ might be rap game’s newest ‘it-girl’

Released by Kemosabe/RCA Records and produced by Doja herself, alongside Tyson Trax and Yeti Beats, this full-length album proves why she deserves to have her name amongst 2019's other breakout artists.

REVIEW: Ariana Grande’s female-driven ‘Charlie’s Angels’ soundtrack launches her production career

Sticking true to the theme of the film series itself, the soundtrack is one huge celebration of femininity and womanhood.

Why is there so much hate surrounding Kanye West’s Sunday services?

Perhaps these services are West’s way of working on something personal and spiritual within himself.

National Coming Out Day: UM students share their stories

Last Friday, Oct. 11 was National Coming Out Day, an LGBTQ+ awareness day emphasizing the important role that proudly being "out" plays in activism.
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