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Monday, June 14, 2021

Israel Aragon Bravo



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Classroom exclusion of beat generation works must end

  William Burroughs, author of the nightmarishly potent “Naked Lunch,” puzzled critics and academics for decades. At first glance, “Naked Lunch” is a collection of...

Chavismo has left Venezuela in a state of turmoil

As an aspiring revolutionary of the late 20th century, Hugo Chavez possessed two things that led him to the upper echelons of an effort...

Local residents and UM students discuss legacy of 1980 Miami Riots

While young people are most aware of the events in Ferguson, Mo. and protests of cases since then, Miami residents revisit the racial tensions...

Venezuela’s decline shows failure of Maduro’s government, American media

In the aftermath of the renewal of mass protests in Venezuela, a failing state that each day finds itself stumbling closer toward complete anarchy,...

After Syrian missile strikes, questions remain about larger strategy

Last week, the United States delivered a strong message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by conducting a missile strike in retaliation to Assad’s grotesque...
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