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Friday, May 7, 2021

Hunter Wright



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Mentors’ past can help avoid turmoil

It was my freshman year in high school when I developed a modified case of senioritis. I wasn’t lazy – I just wanted to...

Cut corners, costs

Now a month into the semester, your funds are dwindling. Why can’t Jamba Juice be free? Why do you always forget how much parking...

Literacy vital for expression

Emotional literacy is the ability to use words to express one’s feelings, desires and intentions. It is the difference between saying, “I’m sad” and...

Hurricane Productions presents: U-topia

Hurricane Productions’ latest feat involves turning the Green into a utopia on Friday. The organization is hosting U-topia  as its spring concert. It features two...

Shootings, tragedies destroy faith in humanity

Good riddance to 2012, the year that made us afraid to go to school and the movies. Freaks like Adam Lanza and James Holmes...

Walk Off the Earth talks overnight success

Last January, Walk Off the Earth’s five members dressed in black and performed a brilliant cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.”...

Brother Ali speaks the truth, impacts all who listen

The blue, luminescent glow of the Culture Room illuminates every shade of skin as the underground hip-hop fans of Florida anxiously wait for Brother...

Political author talks religious oppression, media bias

In a sea of misleading news stories and faulty perceptions, Mark Juergensmeyer stands out with a raw, sincere voice. He will share his refreshing insight...

Kurt Baker’s “Rockin’ for a Living” doesn’t impress

In the first ten seconds of singer/songwriter Kurt Baker’s new album, “Rockin’ for a Living,” the deep strumming of a guitar slowly builds up...
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