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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

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Peace Corps offers educational experiences, unforgettable memories

University of Miami President Donna E. Shalala and president of the Knight Foundation, Alberto Ibargüen, joined Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet Wednesday evening to...

Video game music gets symphonic spin

Mario and Luigi. Sephiroth. Master Chief. Aside from their video game origins, they are each animated by iconic musical scores. On Saturday, the Frost School...

Racial tensions still exist in South Africa despite Mandela

Carla Botha, a junior transfer student at UM, grew up in the northern province of Limpopo, South Africa. She and her family later moved...

Speaker to discuss Nelson Mandela’s legacy

Drawing on his moments with Nelson Mandela, South African politician Wilmot James will present a talk that tells the story of Mandela’s efforts at improving...

Edible literary creations to compete in festival

The phrase “eat your words” will take on a new meaning when classic novels are brought to life in a format made of entirely...

Orange Festival to celebrate campus tradition

The third annual University of Miami Orange Festival, which celebrates the university's history and traditions, will he held Friday. The festival will run from 11 a.m....

Ying Yang Twins take Rathskeller

The Rathskeller served up more than drinks on Friday as it hosted a performance by the Ying Yang Twins in collaboration with Hurricane Productions...
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