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Christmas DIY: Winter Snow Globe

The end of every semester often leaves us reminiscing about more stress-free times, from formals to homecoming week to football games. Capturing these memories in a whimsical little bubble, protected from the chaos of finals, is not too far-fetched with a snow globe just at the end of your keyboard.

Upcoming Disney film ‘Coco’ draws excitement, tension from Latino, Hispanic fans

Disney-Pixar released its first feature film “Toy Story” in 1995. Since then, audiences have reunited fish families, befriended the monsters in our closets and...

Achieve New Year’s resolutions by keeping right mindset

December’s final moments dragged on while we waited for 2017’s arrival. We set off our fireworks, held our significant others close for that midnight...

Spice up your Halloween playlist with 10 spooky tracks

If you’re a Halloween fiend, you’ve probably been jamming out to the greatest Halloween hits since Oct. 1. “Monster Mash” and “This Is Halloween”...

Professor concludes lecture series, discusses individual perception

The audience of Professor Emeritus Cooper visited the Weeks Center one last time for the final lecture in his Musicology Series on Oct. 13....

Musicology Lecture Series discusses patronage, religion influencing art

When you listen to music, do the melodies dance in your head as the highs and lows of each tune echo through your soul?...

Exhibits at Miami International Auto Show

The Miami International Auto Show has held it’s standing as one of the nation’s best auto shows for a solid 46 years. Due to...

Alicia Keys, ‘#NoMakeup’ movement encourage people to be true to themselves

Every time an awards show comes around, we’re more interested in recapping controversial moments rather than keeping up with winners. So when Alicia Keys...
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