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UM Yoga Day raises awareness surrounding mental wellness

“We wanted to get everyone together and put them in a place where they can acquire skills and learn about yoga, so when they graduate it might change their life in a very real and tangible way,” said Eden Goldman, director of College Yoga Day and founder of Meditating Mascots.

Biker shorts, fishnets, cropped jerseys: top clothing trends from the 2019 tailgate season

“I can’t believe it’s already over,” said sophomore Haley Lanzoni, who is a fashion assistant for Distraction Magazine. “I have so much fun dressing up for the tailgates.”

Stanford Walsh 9 wins Halloween dorm decorating contest

Halloween is in full swing at Stanford Residential College.

‘Pancakes with Pat’ returns to Hecht Residential College Sept. 11

Wednesday night, Sept.11 marks the third year of the popular late-night breakfast, where between 750 to 1,000 pancakes are given out.
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